Everything you need to know about Kettle bells + FULL BODY WORKOUT

If you are anything like me you think of working out like a quick, feel good, effective part of your day. Yes?

So with that being said a kettle bell needs to be your new best friend.

I talked about in this video how I picked my kettle bell at my local Tj Maxx for like $6. STEAL. 

Typical kettle bell workouts burn calories like CRAZY !!

The kettle bell “snatch” (when you fluidly move the kettle bell over head & move into a squat position) engages the entire posterior chain (back, butt, hamstrings, and calves) PLUS the chest, shoulders, and arms– this workout burns 20 calories per min (according to Shape magazine April 2017).

Other than the snatch workout, the weight distribution in the kettle bell has other awesome benefits as well. When you work out holding the kettle bell upside down (when the heavy bottom is facing upward and you are holding the handle up) your body has to work harder to compensate for the “teeter totter” motion– so it works sooo many muscles all at once (YUM) !!

I also love workouts where I don’t feel like I’m killing my joints.

Stuart Mcgill, Ph.D , author of Back Mechanic and done multiple studies on the kettle bell workouts says, The kettle bell’s “resistance builds muscles with enough intensity that we can really burn a lot of calories, but because we’re standing in one place or at least not jumping, there’s no pounding on the joints”. Hallelujah! 

Since I am not the biggest fan of generic cardio (treadmill, running, stair master, etc) I love my own HIIT circuits— so with a kettle bell it’s basically a perfect match because I am able to do SO much while it helps me burn major calories.

I was so excited that one of my best friends was down to do a kettle bell workout because it ended up being SO fun!

So grab a friend & head outside with a kettle bell.

Follow along with my video, screen shot & take notes so you can try yourself.

All you need is a kettle bell!

We used 10 lbs and I probably would have been better off with 5-8 lbs. 🙂


Let me know how it goes ❤


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