What I Eat In A Day + GIVEAWAY!

The most honest thing I can say is that whether you are smashing your fitness goals or not it has almost everything to do with your diet.

My diet is a work in progress. When I say diet I mean what I eat every single day. I don’t think of my “diet” as a short term thing. You can’t just eat healthy/nutritious food and go back to a crap diet– that’s the weirdest thing I ever heard. My diet is a lifestyle, I try to better my diet every single day. I love to read other fitness blogs, watch youtube videos, read magazines, books, talk to friends & exchange tips & learn! My fitness journey is going to be a rest of my life kinda thing- not just something I’m trying out right now. I strive to get better and more knowledgable every day.

One of my favorite youtube videos to watch are “what I eat in a day”. You can find all sorts of people’s diet regime online! Sometimes people even sell meal plans based off what they eat in a day- I find it SO interesting & take meal tips/tricks from all sorts of places. Of course I always tweak the recipes and make it work for me and the things I like , it’s so fun !

Basically I love knowing what people eat– nutrition is a PASSION of mine– the first thing I do when about to eat is think of what i’m about to eat & the nutrients it will give me, I ask “do I need more of this? is this benefiting me? is this good?”. I’m also that weirdo that asks my boyfriend EVERY SINGLE DAY (bless his heart), what did you eat today? I just LOVE it! hahaha.

With that being said, I have made my own “what I eat in a day” after I ran a twitter poll & it seems that i’m not the only one who wants the post. ; ) follow me @gjypblog !


So THANK YOU for reading. ❤ ❤

& to say thank you in a very special way, I am GIVING AWAY a full box of my favorite Axio energy drink (all natural, full of nutrients, vitamins, feel good/focus, no crash) so stay tuned in the video below to see how to enter!!


I will be at Miller Park in Fair Oaks, Saturday, April 1st @ 10am with pilates instructor Amanda, we will be putting on a fun park workout for anyone who wants to come so please join us! Hangout, workout, have fun!

email me amandaweitzel@yahoo.com for more info on get in touch with me via social media ❤





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