This weekend Amanda and I are getting together and working out at the park.

It’s going to be SUNNY & 75 this weekend. What better way to start off your weekend than with some fun in the sun ?!

Park / outside workouts are THE best. Park workouts kill about 3638393 birds with one stone (i apologize for that awful analogy 🐦). When you workout outside you get a dose of vitamin D WHILE you workout so not only are endorphins flowing from your amazing workout but the sun is shining so you feel phenomenal!! PHENOMENAL!!!! 

I also feel way more motivated outside because i’m not in a rush to leave – it’s beautiful outside so i’m more likely to stay for an extra few reps. 

& working out with friends just feels like a party! So working out at a park, in the sun, with friends– now that’s my kind of party!! 

Come hangout with me this weekend and let’s get FIT! 

April 1st, Saturday.

@ Miller Park in Fair Oaks (on sunset ave). 

10 AM! 

Bring a yoga mat or towel, some weights if you have any (optional) & GLIDERS or paper plates to use for new workouts! 

Expect booty, ab, cardio & more exercises! 

(shouldn’t last more than 45 mins- 1 hour)

Let’s have fun!!!!! 

Who’s coming?! 


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