My favorite way to workout


Ate too many cookies and drank a few too many Stella’s this weekend. I could barely make it through my yoga class today.. Feeling a little “food hungover” if you know what I mean…

Does anyone else feel AWFUL when they eat/drink badly?

The slutty brownie (cookie dough, oreo, and brownie all in one) is what really got to me & I felt it big time in yoga, like I almost passed out! It was gnarly.

Thankfully I made it through my yoga class with my beer belly & all but it reminded me of why I live like a fit babe the remainder of my life because I feel 100%!

My body is SO sensitive. Like, I get hangovers from hell when I drink alcohol or eat highly processed foods. I think it’s because my body is so used to good foods majority of the time, anyone else feel this way or am I alone??

Anyways, now i’m eating an RX bar (best protein , no BS bar on the planet) and slowly getting rid of this hangover from hell. ; )


I had my park workout with Amanda & had a couple girls show up (THANK YOU SO MUCH HANNAH & MANDY).

Mostly, thank you to Pilates instructor & family, Amanda , for putting on such an awesome workout for us girls for FREE!!!!!!!!!

I picked up some fabulous workouts to use in the future and got a major sweat on. My favorite way to workout is outside with friends so I personally had the best time!

I would love to do more park workouts in the future with whoever wants to join.


If you couldn’t make it, not to worry, I filmed the whole thing so you can try at home yourself & also included some insight from Amanda on why pilates is SOOOO good for you.

❤ Thank you for reading! ❤

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Speaking of…

you will find the pilates park workout below:

(Get ready to screenshot so you can refer back when you do the workout yourself)

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