Healthy Snacking, Grocery shopping, Meal prep, oh my!

Ok so I have said it before and I will say it again & again- whether you are smashing your fitness goals or not, it has almost everything to do with what you eat.

Once I started to get serious about my snacking & meal prepping I saw results in my body & energy levels.

What you eat starts with what you BUY from the store. How do you meal prep and shop?

What you eat is what fuels every living cell in your body.

So let’s say you have some beer and a big mac, an hour later that low nutrient filled garbage is swimming in your veins and causing you to have a bad mood… ISN’T IT?! CRAZY.

I always say… once you eat healthy, ya never go back 😉

Once you feel how energized and yummy you feel after healthy snacks, drinking enough water, eating right you just can’t go back to your old ways, especially when you get hangovers from hell, like me. Your skin gets very clear too! WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN.

If you don’t like the way something tastes there will always be something else to try so don’t be so closed minded.

I started with just giving up soda, now 5 years later I can’t even drink normal soda because it doesn’t taste good. My body knows what it needs and i’ve trained my mind to like it too.

Of course I have dessert, almost every single night, but all things in moderation.

It’s a lifestyle! Spend your whole life learning what works for you.

How do you snack?!



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