How to build a booty, Tone legs, & perfect FORM

I like big butts & I can not lie.

Is it the Kardashian’s that started the big booty trend?

The past few years I’ve realized how appealing a nice, plump, round booty is!

Is it just me?

It looks healthy & attractive! Sorry bout it.

Sad news is, my glutes is where I have STRUGGLED.

I started with a FLAT FLAT FLATTTTTTTTT butt.


(Circa 2011)

&& throughout the years it has been HARD to grow the peach (aka butt).

Just this last year (2017) I have started to notice the peach looking perkier and tighter.

Every girls dream right?

I am not just talking glutes, I am also speaking about LEGS. My legs have gotten super muscular as well and along with the peach grows too!!

So today I am sharing my BEST booty & leg workouts that hit EVERYTHING (inner & outer thighs, gluteus maximus, gluteus minnimus & gluteus medius, hamstrings, quads & calves).

🍑 Favorite BOOTY workouts: 🍑

•BULGARIAN SPLIT SQUATS – I owe a LOT of booty credit to this workout.

1 leg on bench 1 leg on ground, dumbbells are optional, bend into a lunge and shoot up for as many reps as possible.


the best booty workout! this is amazing for ROUNDING of the booty. squat down, lean on a bench or lie on the floor, weight is optional, lift hips high & squeeze glutes tight tight TIGHT.
•SQUATS – squats are NOT the #1 booty building exercise (thank god) but they are great for your all over leg!

I honestly think jump squats are more effective than reg squats for building the booty because you are also getting cardio in at the same time which is super slimming ;)….

When your form sucks you wont see any gains so make sure your knees aren’t going past your toes, you’re squeezing your core and glutes and BREATHING. When squeezing the glutes make sure not to squeeze so much that you OVER ARCH your back (big mistake). I do not lift heavy here because my form is more important! Do you though, boo 😋

•LUNGES – I like to do jumping lunges (get a lil cardio workout in mhmmm) or weighted walking lunges. I either warm up with lunges or end.

•DEADLIFTS – Deadlifts are a LEG workout more than a back workout. So until you feel it in your legs / hammies / & glutes more than your back you are doing it RIGHT. I’m doing light weight lunges in the video to showcase FORM.

Back is very straight/tabletop like, knees are bent a little, legs are about hip distance apart, and i’m squeezing my glutes when I come up, still keeping a straightness in my back (not curving).

My goal when thinking of how many reps to do in each exercise is to make the last 2-3 reps REALLY hard. As Arnold Schwarzenegger would say, “It’s the last 3 or 4 reps that makes the muscle grow. This area of pain divides the champion from someone else who is not a champion. That’s what most people lack, having the guts to go on and just say they”ll go through the pain no matter what happens”. If that quote doesn’t make you go for another 3 reps when you are dying I’m not sure what will!!

Practicing YOGA of all things has really helped me shape my booty as well. In yoga you stretch EVERYTHING and can workout muscle groups you never do. After practicing yoga for a few months I’ve noticed my butt really tightening and rounding. I love a good yoga SCULPT class (yoga + weights + cardio) as well– it has a pilates feel and every time I go to a class I feel muscles sore that i’ve never felt before! Plus a class is so much more motivating than hitting the gym alone sometimes because I like learning things from the teachers, having the support of the whole class & listening to LOUD upbeat music.

I have my whole life to build up my booty so I’m not getting down on myself because I’m not where I want to be. Your body changing takes a LONG time, consistency in your workouts, healthy food to fuel & build and PATIENCE.

A round & muscular booty takes time.

Follow along on my workout here, let me know how it goes!

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