Motivation for you babes!

Greetings from Atlanta, Georgia airport (one of the busiest ones I feel?), where the wifi sucks and the flights just keeeeeeeeeep delaying…

Anyways, sitting here on floor trying to get a charge in while I wait for my next flight. 

My grandma (who is a total HOOT & if you aren’t following me on snapchat to meet her you ought to do so right this very moment) & I our on the way to South Carolina to catch up with family I haven’t seen in YEARS & meet a new baby girl to add to the list of family members. ❤ CAN’T WAIT!

During our 5 hour flight over to Atlanta I managed to read the whole book , “The Psychology of Success” by Alison & David Price. Basically one of those self help books that remind you that YOU CAN DO ANYYYYTHINGGGGGGG, blah, blah, blah. Ya know?

Well, a few parts in the book I found very interesting & started to write them down. There were multiple parts where it prompted you to write down goals, think about the people in your life and how they affect you & a great amount of stories & quotes from successful people from JK Rowling to people who have been on shows like the X factor.

What really made me think is when the book asked to write down 5 of the people you spend the most time with/your biggest influencers and asked you to rate them on a scale of 1-10 on how happy they are in their own life & how supportive they are of you.

Then followed this story:

“One day a bunch of tiny frogs decided to run (or hop) a race. The aim of the race was the be the first frog to reach the top of a very tall tower. A large group of spectators gathered to watch the group of frogs.

The race began & the eager frogs raced to the top. One by one the exhausted frogs began to drop out of the race.

The crowd were yelling, ‘You haven’t got a hope! You’ll never make it!’. 

The last few frogs in the race kept going, much to the crowds disbelief. 

‘It’s impossible, you’ll never make it!’.

Finally, all but one frog had given up.

The astonished crowd rushed to the frog, asking how on earth he did it.

It turned out, the winning frog was deaf.”

This story about frogs was obviously silly but once I read it I started to understand every success story that much more & I had to share.

If you have people in your life who are unhappy in their own life and aren’t cheering you on or even putting you down, DON’T YOU DARE LISTEN TO THEM !

Your life is not long enough to afford people like that.

Stephen King (you know that insanely awesome author who has over 300 million books sold!!?) threw out his first novel “Carrie” in the TRASH and his wife got it out and encouraged him to publish it. So he did so & the novel he created made his first big fortune, enough to quit his day job & continue creating what he loves. WE ALL NEED THAT PEOPLE LIKE THAT IN OUR LIFE !


Ask yourself…

Who in your life is holding you back from acheiving your goals? Think about distancing yourself from them…


Who is helping you acheive your goals? Keep them close.

I’ve talked about how important the people you have it your life are here as well !

& I probably wont ever stop talkin’ about it- it’s IMPORTANT. 





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