What you eat, how much you move around, the thoughts you think- it all shines through your pores.

I really am not a fan of caking on the makeup.

I strive to keep my skin healthy looking without makeup as much as possible. I do this by drinking water, detox drinks, healthy foods, working out and thinking healthy thoughts.

I keep it real simple (& cheap).

Since quite a few voted to see a skin care routine on twitter I HAD to write one up.
So here we go…

I take my makeup off with 100% pure GRAPESEED OIL for skin, cleanse my face with a burts bees face cleansing oil & I moisturize with ROSEHIP oil. THAT’S it! So simple. I don’t use coconut oil on my face because it clogs pores according to multiple estheticians. However I still lather coconut oil EVERYWHERE else. ❤

When it comes to makeup I also keep it VERY simple and use affordable products (except for the products that last me YEARS).

Before ANYTHING I wash my face with Burts Bees cleansing oil and moisturize with rose hip oil, let dry, put some sunscreen, let dry, and then prime with Makeup forever step 1 primer (expensive , but lasts a YEAR for me).
I’m using the Loreal pro glow foundation and LOVING IT. I put it on like a moisturizer , it really tints my face with a nice tan and I LOVE looking tan! 😅

To really make the eyes glow I mix concealer with a liquid highlighter to really POP the eyes! It works like a CHARM.

I will set my eyes with a LIGHT powder  and my face with a darker podwer. I also bronze my cheeks, forehead, and underneath my lips.
Once I fill in my eyebrows I will highlight underneath the arch of my eyebrow and around my tear duct to also give another glow effect. I love this eyebrow pencil because it has a brow pencil and a highlighting pen.
Another way to pop your eyes is to make sure you have a BALLER mascara. And let me save you the hunt of a million by showing you THIS one (7 bucks!!!!!).

The primer + the blackest mascara really helps pop my eyes (of course with a good eyelash curl before).

I also love to highlight my cheekbones and nose with Jaclyn Hill + Becca cosmetics Champagne pop ! Highlighting above my lips really helps brighten everything as well.

To insure that my makeup stays all day long even when i’m sweating profusely I set everything with makeupforever setting powder. IT WORKS.

Alright alright alright, LAST step is making sure your lips are moisturized!!

Dry , untouched lips can make or break the whole look. So even if you are just adding some chapstick- DO IT. It will brighten everything. It’s like the final touch. I love hanalei chapstick and Anastasia Liquid lip “Crush”.

Any other questions should be answered in this video as well.

Thank you SO much for reading & watching. ❤


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