Traveling tips, Workouts done in 10 mins & Enjoying the moment

Hi, me again. ; )

A few things I wanted to share today.

Starting with how I stay on track with my fitness routine while traveling. 

A little recap of the trip I had in South Carolina’s Hilton Head Island is here: 

It’s a total dream of mine to one day travel the world so I really have to step up my game when it comes to eating right & getting a sweat in while I have the luxury of traveling.

To be real with you, I am not completely on track while traveling. I don’t workout as much & I definitley eat more than I normally do (like check out my portion sizes on snapchat..eeekkk).

The weird thing is, I look & feel great!? (Ok maybe a few extra LB’s) For the most part, just the same as I would feel if I was dieting and working normal back at home.

I think it’s because i’m HAPPY & enjoying every moment. Remembering to enjoy life in each moment is a huge fitness tip that i’m working on & I see RESULTS !

I could never spend my life stressing about fitness, no thanks, I don’t want it to become a chore. BORING!

I do make working out a priority to get a sweat in at least 3 days a week no matter what. Just for my sanity. If I don’t workout I’m kind of a beezy. Sorry grams!

While in Hilton Head Island, S.C. I did a cross fit class two times & a quick 30 minute workout in my aunts back yard (which is included in my vlog above/ youtube channel) & that’s all!

I just make sure I take care of my body.

When it comes to eating I’m not able to have my coffee creamer every morning (boo hoo ); ) & I am unfortunately having a bit more carbs & salt than normal but I’m enjoying it.

Now if I ate like this more I would not feel well, which is why moderation IS in fact key.

How I survive traveling:

  • Enjoy the moment!!! Enjoy life!!!!
  • Don’t Stress About A Few Extra Pounds
  • Workout whenever you can
  • Drink Water more than Alcohol


& most importantly,

try your hardest to keeep a good attitude.



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