Bad Mood, Feeling Lost, Unmotivated, WTH IS GOING ON? The 2 choices that can help.


Isn’t it weird how one day you can be on cloud 9, happy, no care in the world, feeling so good & the next day or week you feel .. just.. sad, annoyed, weird, not ok, irrelevant, BAD.

It could even be the same DAY, maybe you feel good in the morning & that evening after a series of unfortunate events you find yourself bursting at the seams with all these awful feelings.

The worst part of it all, bad moods are the HARDEST damn things to get rid of.

You can be the most positive pie in the world, get in a bad funk and it takes 10 times longer to get out of than the good mood which just vanishes in SECONDS.


Weirdo moods happen to us ALL.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t make anyone feel any better about it really… lol.

I wish I could tell you what to do in order to climb out of this weirdo mood/dark hole but I do not believe there is just one fix all answer because we are all soooooooo unique, ya know?

I battle with these moods everyday multiple times & I distract myself with things I love, probably like most of us do.

Weirdo moods & awful circumstances are going to happen to us all, I find it’s how I react to the mood that helps.

Don’t you think that a person who DWELLS in the awful stuff will keep it around longer?

Dwelling meaning: complaining, whining, stressing over, giving LOTS of their energy towards the bad mood/awful circumstance. Let’s just say if you do any of those things the bad mood is gonna stick around and enjoyyyyy the ride. No thanks.

I love to tell myself: I have 2 choices ALWAYS.

1) I can either think badly about everything going on or a person, complain, get sad, cry, be unhappy, think the world is gonna end, blah blah blah

or 2) I can pull up my big girl panties and deal with my problems like a bad ass b”tch.

How do I deal with my problems like a bad ass b”tch you ask? Well it depends on the situation.

Let’s sayyyy,

I’m lurking on social media, stumble across a girl with over 1 million followers, gorgeous, fit, successful, has everything I could ever want so I start to feel jealous, insecure, unhappy, and second guess my own goals. #UGLY

Once I feel the ugliness of this mood make its way through me I get OFF my phone, like almost hide it from myself & I look in the mirror or outside or take a walk. While looking in the mirror or whatever, I remind myself this is my ONE life, I need to be my best friend & #1 supporter or I don’t have stand a chance. Something about looking at myself in a mirror and feeding positive thoughts is INSANE , always gives me results, try it ! #WEIRD? 

Basically, be a #BADASS guuuurl, you got ONE life to live. Who’s to say you can’t have it all! Or a least a little!

Another situation where a dark mood gets me is when I question what i’m doing with my life.

Like, all of a sudden I’m thinking, “WHAT IF I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE? WHAT IF I FAIL? WHAT DO I WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE?” Basically all of a sudden I start to feel like I may not have a clue as to where I want my life to go.


This mood can be surfaced through seeing other people graduate college, score really amazing jobs at a young age, have major goals, making way more $$ than me, etc etc etc.

When a type of mood like this hits me I ask myself questions like:

Am I happy & feel good about what I am doing right now at this point in my life (my job, school, living situation, hobbies, friends, etc)? Usually this answer is yes. If it wasn’t a yes I would know immediately I have some changes to make to lead me on a path that I need to be on. Because I know that if i’m not 100% happy and motivated with something I spend A LOT of my time doing I am draining myself of all creativity, leading me to a place where I know I wont be successful.

On the other hand, if I am happy / enjoying what I have/ enjoying life, I’m on my way to a WONDERFUL place. I just know it!

Next I ask,

Do I have goals? & am I doing anything to make them happen every single day?

YAS, YAS, & YAS is usually my answer. Because I have every day goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, yearly goals, life goals, but that is a whole new blog post. These goals keep me going every day– I enjoy pushing myself to make my dreams come true.


Sooooo ya,

maybe sometimes you have to do a lil pep talk and remind yourself that this is only a bad mood & you have MANY good moods ahead.

& maybe cherish those good moods A LOT MORE. Gratefulness has a way of slowing things down for you to enjoy more of it. ❤





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