How I’m getting ready for summer… super last minute | QUICK & EFFECTIVE


Suffering from a mini heart attack because May is in a week & bikini season is basically upon us. *GULP*

 I don’t know about you but i’m NOT LOOKING 100% bikini ready.

I’m sitting pretty heavy right now which makes me REALLY motivated to work my butt off for some real results. My tough area right now is my stomach so my goal is to tighten it up a lot.



Who’s with me?

Or maybe you are already shredded, ugh, of course you are– you fit babe!

If you haven’t shaped up quite how you want for the summer let’s share some tips on how we are doing so. 🙂

Beginning with :


I like to write on a big white blank sheet of paper my weekly goals. I love doing this because while writing it down it makes me feel like I’m really going to make sure I do it, it’s like a constant reminder to work towards the goals everyday. I even plan out what i’m going to post about! I also love writing down my goals because going back and checking it off the list feels bad ass.

On my list of goals right now I have my workout split, which is Mon-Sun workouts. I find writing down my weekly workouts oh-so-helpful because I feel like when I write my workouts down ahead of time I do all of the planning then so I can’t stress about it during the day, it’s almost like it’s pre paid for and now I have no choice but to follow through… win, win!

Monday: Gym for 45 minutes. High intensity intervals on treadmill (sprints) & strength training (Arms + Shoulders + Abs)

Tuesday: High intensity intervals on treadmill (sprints) & Yoga (full body stretch sequence)

Wednesday: Gym for 45 minutes. High intensity intervals on treadmill (sprints) & strength training (Glute/Hamstring focused + Abs)

Thursday: High intensity intervals on treadmill (sprints) & Yoga (full body stretch sequence)

Friday: Yoga Sculpt Class – FULL BODY WORKOUT (yoga + weights/strength training + cardio + ab workouts)

Saturday: Rest day if I’m feeling sore or very tired if not I take a yoga class


I’m incorporating a lot of cardio because it sheds fat REALLY fast for me and that’s exactly what I want to do.

I’m also incorporating a lot of ab workouts because my problem area is my stomach.

I’m not having as many sweets because of THIS amazing video I found on facebook that shocked me to the core.

Other than that my diet is staying fairly consistent to my meal prep videos and post I have shared recently.

In my latest youtube video I show what my sprint interval treadmill workouts look like, my current weight/physique, & some of my FAVORITE workouts– including: a brazilian butt workout, a great way to target your obliques & a quick 15 minute full body workout:

If you guys enjoyed make sure you subscribe to my channel, WEEKLY videos are being posted!



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