Nutrient dense , quick & easy dinner recipe



IT’S MAY! Who’s ready to smash their goals this month? I sure am. Beginning with my FITNESS goals & in order to do that I have to get my meals on point.

If you are anything like me you like the easiest of easy dinners to make. Like microwave dinners would be my thing if I wasn’t so into health & fitness. I just enjoy convenience. I’m always running around town with very little time so duhh I want the EASIEST thing– anyone else feel me here?

I am also into healthy, nutritious, clean ingredients, no preservatives & FRESH. Obviously i’m not going to find any microwavable dishes with those standards, huh?

So I had to adjust & make more time for food prepping–ughhhh. Truth is, in order to smash your goals you got to put in the work, right? Eating right is a HUGEEEEE part of getting fit & feeling good.

Still, I find the easiest ways possible to eat healthy. Simple, VERY affordable, & quick to make (compared to other dishes).

For dinners I stick to

Lean meats: chicken & ground turkey.

Affordable & nutritious carbs: sweet potatoes, yams, rice.

& LOTS of veggies: spinach, mixed greens, cucumber, carrots, onion, salad kits.


One of my new favorite things to make is FUN salads. Salad can be sooooo boring, honestly I just can’t have the same thing over & over for too long (only exception is my protein waffles that I have every morning).




Full recipe:

(screenshot or save to your phone)!


Be sure to watch the full video too for even more details on this dinner.

Thanks for reading!




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