[Interview Series] Owner of Kahunakai Swimwear, Shelby Lynn

“If your clothes are not natural fabrics consider them plastic. Your body will absorb all of that” Shelby Lynn, 26, owner at KahunaKai swimwear.


I’m so stoked to introduce you all to Shelby Lynn, friend of mine, mom, total #GIRLBOSS & entrepeneur!

Recently, Shelby moved to Sacramento from Maui to raise her 2 twin boys close to her family & open her own business once and for all.

KahunaKai has really hit the ground running the past year. She launched her first round of bikinis last year in June which have all sold and since then, she has grown her instagram over 7,000 followers, moved into a large studio space & is ready to launch her second round of bikinis for this summer (TONIGHT).

Shelby’s line KahunaKai is something you wont find just anywhere–

her swimwear is made out of 100% recycled material, abandoned fishing nets to be exact.

The dyes she uses to color her beautiful, sustainable bikinis & yoga wear are from 100% non toxic colorants and sometimes the dyes are even purely PLANTS.

Shelby’s clothing is making a statement that a healthy body also needs HEALTHY CLOTHES to absorb. Yes, that’s right, what we wear can get into our skin and Shelby is shining MAJOR light on that.

Each of her bikinis are made carefully by her and a few of her staff members.

Shelby basically works and raises her 2 little ones all day everyday. #GirlBoss

Shelby has had an itch for designing fashion her whole life– in high school she was in the newspaper wearing a prom dress she designed made out of milk jugs, garbage bags, wire & more.

What I admire so much about Shelby and her brand is how she shows how important ALL NATURAL products are. She even goes above & beyond just eating natural foods– she only wears and puts things on her & her boys body that are completely natural/organic!! What she shares is so important and I would have never thought about it before: our skin is the biggest organ we have in our body and it absorbs everything, even our clothes and what their made with. KahunaKai makes an amazing statement with the way the clothes are made.

I asked her a few questions just so you guys can get to know her a bit more as well as her brand and how it SHINES brightly compared to others.

❤ ______________ ❤

Greenjuiceandyogapants: Did you ever consider going to fashion school?
Shelby: I was planning on going to fashion school, in fact, in high school I made my own prom dresses! One was made from recycled milk jugs and the other was made from 1 million small beads, both dresses were made from materials people would just throw away and I took in and made something new. My goal was to go to FIT but it was never fully in the cards for me, I eventually gave up and pushed that part of my life away. No matter where I moved though I always had a sewing machine and overtime I felt some serious inspiration to sew again, which then led me to KahunaKai!
Greenjuiceandyogapants: When did you launch KahunaKai?
Shelby: Kahunakai Swimwear first opened June 2016. Since then we have almost tripled in sales as well as followers and demand. Its kind of amazing and I cant wait to see how much Kahunakai grows this year.

❤ ______________ ❤

I was able to MODEL some of Shelby’s new bikinis that are launching “TONIGHT” (May 10th) at 12am PST (!!!!!) which you can watch here:


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