RECOVERY WORKOUT | getting over a cold

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I am a HUGE believer in doing what feels GOOD in your body.

I’m super connected to how I feel– like almost to a weird, physic level.

I have spent that last week & a half battling this super annoying cold that finally seems to have subsided– it was a pretty gnarly. I woke up my roommates in the middle of the night due to my frequent cough attacks and had trouble doing anything because I felt so badly.

I stayed away from the gym and yoga for a whole week because of my low energy, fatigue, coughing, etc. I knew that if I were to workout it would throw me back into square 1 of my immune system fighting off all the nasty bugs so I stayed away from breaking a sweat.

As of last Sunday I am feeling like a whole new woman and I actually blame it on the fact that I DIDN’T workout. My body was really able to focus on one task: getting healthy.

The point of this post is to motivate you to listen to your body.

All of your answers to questions like, “when should I workout again after i’m sick? what should I do when i’m sore? tired? not feeling like myself?” are all within you.

I’m to the point where I FREQUENTLY check in with my body/mind and figure out what’s wrong/right quickly. Kate Hudson’s book “Pretty Happy” shines major light on getting in tune with your body.

You can EASILY tell how hard you should be working out after a few minutes in.

I decide how many reps I do in a certain exercise by seeing how hard it is after about 4 reps, if it’s not challenging I make it harder, if it’s hard I don’t do a ton of reps.

After 1 set of squats yesterday I was sweating profusely so I knew I wasn’t going to need to push myself super hard– and it makes sense because I haven’t worked out in so long.

I know that when the last 3 reps of an exercise are REALLY difficult, that is my max.

The last thing you want to do is push yourself back into a sickness… yuck!!

When you “think” you are better after a cold it is IMPERATIVE to listen very closely to your body because the immune system is put on hold when your muscles are repairing themselves.

I am still sticking to yoga classes here & there , just very moderate exercises because that’s what feels good for ME right now.

Here is a workout and some advice for working out after/when sick:

^^ In the video I show EXACTLY what I do in the gym after a gnarly cold.


I start with a warm-up that isn’t going to KILL you, I skipped the treadmill & stair master and opted for something more mellow but still VERY effective.
-Jump Squats 25 reps
-Jumping Lunges 12 reps
-Burpees 15 reps
-Squat to pushup 10 reps
-Squat to shoulder press 12 reps

Lower Body Workout:

Squats with Barbell No Weight as many reps as you can (aka till failure)
Front Squats With Barbell no weight – till failure
Squats with weight – till failure (I got through 8 reps for 1 set and I was DONE)
Squats w/ dumbbell – till failure
Squats w/ dumbbell on bench (harder version) – till failure
Hip thrusts as many reps as you can, pusles for at least 5 reps, hold for 20 seconds – 3 sets (you will feel like a new woman).



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