Surviving your day job & Making your dreams come true


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Hello babes!

What a fun week it has been — celebrating my 100th post on! 🙂

To kick post #101, I want to talk about JOBS/day jobs/current jobs.

You know, the pay-the-bills/keep us living comfortably kind-of-jobs. Jobs we don’t necessarily LOVE.

I am SOOO very grateful for my day job, don’t get me wrong, but it also doesn’t come naturally to me to be super excited and happy about it, ya feel? Because until I am at where I want to be in my life in terms of making money doing what I love I don’t think i’ll be truly satisfied.

I need to pay my bills though so I am getting through my day job with grace & I want to share with ya how I do so.

I plan to have my own business and work towards that every single day, in the meantime, I am getting through a “9-5” type job to live comfortably now.

If you are anything like me and need some extra motivation to get through your work days &/or school AND stay on track with reaching your own personal goals– stay tuned.


How to survive your 9-5/day job.


First of all, it’s important to make sure the job you have doesn’t cause you a boat load of STRESS. If this is a job just helping you pay your bills while you work at school/on your own business the last thing you need is a drama filled / toxic work environment.

I have been through COUNTLESS day jobs because I cannot be in a space that causes me stress, it makes me SO unhappy. I am a type of person who FEELS & over thinks everything. I am also super influenced by the people around me, if a co-worker hates being at work and complains, I will quickly start complaining with them & my energy will be super low and negative as well. I can’t turn off certain feelings/thoughts for a long time as well, therefore I avoid stressful & drama filled work atmosphere at all costs.

I worked in retail for a long time. I started at JCPenney for a few years and did very well, then I moved to Carmel and got a job at Kate Spade on Ocean Ave where I stayed for a while as well and really liked it. I was paid well and enjoyed the overall atmosphere of Carmel and our store. However, after one of my close friends/coworkers passed away and suddenly my life was just drastically changing in every way, I moved back to Orangevale to be close to family, transferred to Kate Spade in the mall and it was a total shock. I HATED THE MALL. I still actually do hate the mall. I hate it because I am really not too materialistic. After 3 or so years of explaining features on overpriced handbags I felt like my brain cells were dying off and I was missing LIFE.

A TON of minimum wage jobs/big corporations are training people to act like their business is the most important part of life / the only thing that matters– I personally feel like they are trying to suck you in for life almost?? Especially in the retail world. Maybe just me? Thoughts?

It didn’t take me long to realize that I needed something that wasn’t going to take me away from my actual goals in life. A job (ESPECIALLY under $15 an hour) should not leave you feeling drained, stressed or like it’s the only thing that matters.

I now manage a tanning salon in Sacramento and I LOVE it. I love it because it’s a small business, pays my bills, I never feel DRAINED or stressed & I mostly work alone.

N O D R A M A! I can do personal training on the side, work on my blog, work out when I want to. And best of all? I’m not in a mall!!!!!! I can see the outdoors!!

I think it’s important to find something that makes sense for you, aka, doesn’t take away your happiness or drive to do things you LOVE! So the first step on surviving a day job is making sure the atmosphere, people & business is a smart investment of your time. Because no matter how broke you are I promise you there is always other options for income you just have to be optimistic and know where you will be happy!

Your time is important.


Surviving your day job tip #2, MAKE PLANS ahead of time for the things YOU want.

Whether it’s going to school, making time to plan & strategize, creating content, hanging out with family– make sure you are planning time around your job for these activities that bring you closer to your goals.

I like to blog before or after work, push content on social media at all hours (before, after work, on my breaks, etc) & hangout with friends, study and create content/videos on my days off or before my shift!



Surviving your day job tip #3, WORK OUT.

Finding time to sweat after or before work is crucial.

Working out for me is an amazing outlet to let go of stress, release endorphins, bring my mood up, clear my head, better my health & generally just to be a better person to employ!!

I’m super cranky and my digestive health suffers when I don’t workout. Make sure you have some sort of outlet to let personal issues GOOO.

I love yoga, home workouts, pilates, running & hitting the gym.

If you work long hours, bring gym clothes with you or wear them to work if you can so there is just no excuse to get a lovely sweat on– you will feel SOOOOO good babes.

According to SHAPE magazine,

“Exercise is a lot of things — healthy, inspiring, energizing– and now science has discovered that it can also keep your job from sucking the life out of you. While demanding careers are known to increase your risk of heart problems such as high blood pressure, fitter people dodged these issues”.


F I N D A N O U T L E T to be a healthy & happy you. ❤



Surviving your day job tip #4, Make sure you have days off.

I think it’s important that everyone has AT LEAST one day off a week. My day off happens to be Sunday. ❤

I use this one day a week to sleep in a bit, relax, spend time with family & go to church.

I NEED THIS TIME. In order to be my best self with a clear mind I need a day off and typically most people do!

It’s very important to have a break and to not overwork yourself especially if you have many things going on. Being simple is NOT a bad thing !!

Last but not least,

I think it is super important to pack a healthy lunch every day.

I couldn’t survive without food all day at work. Not just stopping for a big lunch at the local sandwich stop everyday (gosh that sounds expensive), I mean grocery shopping smart and meal prepping everyday.

We truly can’t think straight without enough fuel so do not short yourself and make some lunch– filled with good stuff to keep you going and in a good mood. NO ONE wants to work with a grouch.

You have no idea how amazing and happy you feel with good foods in you. SO IMPORTANT!

If you don’t know how to pack a good lunch watch my meal prep videos herehere & here .


❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Thanks for reading,

I am off to go pack a big lunch for my night shift tonight.

What’s your day job? Goals? How do ya balance it all?

Comment below !!


P.S —

i’m going to be filming a Q&A and workout w/ a yoga instructor THIS WEEK so send me questions so I can feature them in my video!!!

till next time,


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