Athleisure MUST HAVES !

Hello Fit babes!!

I just got done with my workout of the day.

I went to a crossfit inspired class at my gym and it was EVERYTHING I hoped it would be. My trainer is a bad ass and put the whole class through an awesome workout filled with cardio and booty building workouts and ended with YOGA!!!!!!!!!! I am definitely going back (I went to Fitness Evolution “Fit Evo” class in Fair Oaks).


On that note,

today I want to talk about my all-time-favorite WORKOUT gear!

Maybe even do a little youtube video to go along?? 🙂 Let me know if you’d like that.


I‘m a gal on a serious BUDGET!

So when it comes to athleisure wear I have some slim pickin’s.

Not only am I currently on a budget, but I love QUALITY clothes.

My workout pants can’t be cotton, I need something that will absorb moisture (moisture wicking) because I am one SWEATY beeeee-otch.

Like, the sweatiest.

I am really not a huge fan of working out in shorts because unlike other girls, my booty under butt hanging out for the world to see while I do my jump squats is not a site I want everyone to see.

I stick to long or cropped leggings and a tank or crop top.

My favorite brand is HANDS DOWN: Fabletics. If you have been living under a rock and don’t know, Kate Hudson co-founded the brand & I just LOVE everything about it & for a babe on a budget there is truly nothing better. Your first outfit is like $15!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The quality is okay, super moisture wicking, but most of all THE PRICE IS RIGHT!

It’s a monthly subscription which some people can be turned off by but you can always opt to “skip” the month online if you don’t need anything or just simply don’t have the funds.




If I have serious money saved up I will purchase the Lululemon ALIGN pants. HOLY BFDHBHJEBFHDYUREHD MOLY! These pants are the MOTHER of all leggings.

There is nothing on earth more comfortable than the Align’s. They are pretty much ALWAYS sold out because they are such a pot of gold & run for a whoppin’ $98 before tax (ouuuuch). So I only have one pair, but I wear them more than any pants I own and they make me feel like a fitness model– they compliment everything. YUM.


When it comes to sports bras and tops, I’m kind of all over the place. I have bras from Victorias Secret and Target. Does anyone have any recs for good bras???? I need it.

Workout tops I find ALL over, boutiques, yoga studios, gym, tanning salons, etc. RANDOM places have the best crop tops & tanks!

How do you guys stay chic at the gym?

I think wearing something flattering is super important for confidence!

Look good, Feel good, Do good! 

That’s it for tonight– i’m headed to scarf down my healthy tacos & watch Star Wars (i’m on epi 4 tonight). 💫




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