since no one else is being REAL enough…

I’ve been seeing A LOT how unmotivated people really are.

I’ve heard so many people say, “i’m just unmotivated” or “i’m in a funk right now” or “i’m having a hard time getting motivated”.

Millions of excuses are flying out of peoples mouth left & right everyday. It’s actually rare to see people shutting up & putting in the work to get what they want.

I think for whatever reason everyone feels like life is supposed to be easy & you have to be lucky to achieve what you want, which is false.

REAL QUESTION: Is no one being real enough with you?

Life is hard for everyone!

Life is especially difficult when you have big goals,

because A LOT of work follows big goals.

I used to spend (too much) time lurking on instagram and seeing people’s beautifully curated life and then feeling extremely jealous & wonder, “why can’t that be me?”.

Now that I know the truth, I enjoy looking for their story as to how they got where they are today, and learn from them. When I “lurk” this way I feel extremely happy knowing I can do the same damn thing if I put in the work like they did.

Chances are, whoever has what you want worked their ASS off everyday all day until their life became the way they wanted.

Exciting news is that YOU are completely capable of doing the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!


This day and age it’s actually easier that it has ever been to do whatever you want. You have mentors, galore at your FINGER TIPS!!!

There are professionals of everything & anything sharing their stories and exactly what they did to get where they are step by step ALL OVER the internet.

Personal training, nutrition guides, workouts, how-to guides for anything and everything, etc saturating the entire world wide web & most of it is 100% FREE.

Don’t be a stupid head like I was at one point and sit around unmotivated & complaining about how you didn’t get lucky enough to do something.

You can create anything you want by putting in the work… literally, A N Y T H I N G.


Put in the work & REAP the benefits.


I know the secret ingredients to success now:

DOING what you want & what feels right regardless of what anyone else says (Just DO IT!).

Putting in the hard work that most people will not do, because it’s needed to succeed.

& last but not least,

Stop giving a f*ck what other people think. Their judgement means NOTHING. Stay in your own lane, stay FOCUSED.


Day after day,

put in the work.

Yea, it’s going to suck sometimes & you aren’t going to feel like it, when that happens:

just remember,

it’s those who do it anyways, regardless of how they feel, that make it to the top.

Till next time babes,



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