[NEW] Workout Routine. Intermittent Fasting / Butter Coffee / Workouts


Fitness is a journey.

You will find things you love and then grow out of them.

Or maybe you will stick with something your whole life.

We are all sooo different when it comes to our fitness journeys & it’s a great thing.

My journey happens to have changed pretty drastically about a year ago when I moved back to Sacramento.




Prior to the move, I lived in Carmel CA. There my fitness game was STRONG. I was at the gym 6 days a week feeling sooo motivated and loving it. All I needed was the gym.

When I moved back to Sacramento, a little over a year ago, I didn’t feel that same love for the gym.

I tried to stick with the gym for about 7 months or so but it really wasn’t fueling me like i’d like.

So, I signed up at corepower yoga RANDOMLY & it opened my eyes to not only a spiritual level of physical activity but it reminded me that there are many ways to workout and it is important for me to LOVE it with all my might & enjoy it very very much.

I then started trying everything: yoga with weights, pilates, at-home workouts, running– just everything that made me sweat. When I visited South Carolina I tried a Cross-fit class and realized HOLY SH*T, I love this. 

I love QUICK workouts. I love going really really hard for 30 minutes verse spreading out a workout for 2 hours with huuuuge breaks in between. No thanks. I mean, WHO has that kind of time?????

So since South Carolina and trying Cross-fit it has been even more hard to enjoy the gym, I wanted that cross-fit feel ever since. There is nothing quite like it.

I am happy to announce though, I have FINALLY (FINALLY) found a fitness class that I have been looking for since moving from Carmel.

I LOVEEEEEEE fitness classes: pilates, cross fit, yoga sculpt MUCH better than going to the gym by myself with no real direction.

Don’t get me wrong, once in a while a solo workout feels great, but I can’t do that everyday– I get so bored at this point.

I’m weird I guess because I just enjoy a bad-ass trainer blaring music, yelling “ONE MORE MINUTE” and teaching me workouts i’ve never done before. It allows me to REALLY push myself harder than I could by myself (while also learning new things to share with you) and THAT is what makes me feel sooo alive.

Also having someone check my form is a reeeeealll plus ++.

It’s so funny because the class I found is at a gym i’ve gone to for YEARRRRS, Fitness Evolution. I never thought to take their group fitness classes because I thought it was like Zumba (which I don’t like) or just not challenging enough.

I ended up taking a class because the trainer approached me asking if i’d like to take the class– I mean how could I say no to that (kinda the most meant to be thing ever)?

I ended up taking a class the next day and it was everything I dreamt it would be.

Cross-fit inspired, quick, effective & so so fun!

I love it so much that I am secretly strategically planning on becoming a trainer for this class. IT’S THAT GOOD GUYS– I never want to leave!

It also has a genuine community feel, everyone knows everyone by name & supports each other throughout the whole class.

The trainer who runs the class, Kristi, is also teaching me all about what she does to stay in such amazing shape (she is 38, has 4 kids, and looks I N C R E D I B L E).

Now, backing up just a bit, for the last YEAR I haven’t felt too happy about my current shape. I don’t think I am fat or anything like that, I just feeeel uncomfortable in my own skin. Like my stomach constantly feels like there is a block sitting in there that wont come out no matter what and my digestive system has been a D- for too long.

Kristi weighed me and took measurements as well when I signed up for her classes last week and, guys, my current weight is also almost 150 lbs which just ISN’T comfortable for me.




So I met with Kristi, just a 1 on 1 meeting and she spilled all her secrets and gave me so much info on food.

Kristi said to me, “We don’t need as much food as we think we do. I like to run my body like a machine and burn fat all day long”. She looks so insanely good and has soooo much energy (like i’ve never seen anyone like her) so I didn’t take what she said lightly.

It didn’t take me but 5 minutes to decide I was starting a new way of eating the very next day.

Kristi shared to me that she practices Intermittent Fasting during the week.

I’ve been hearing about Intermittent Fasting (where you fast for 16 hours–8 you are sleeping– and you have an 8 hour eating period instead of eating every 2 hours/frequently) every now and then for the last few months and was very interested in trying but had way too many questions & concerns that I couldn’t find off a basic youtube video or article on the internet.

But when Kristi said, “carbs and sugar during the day are just spiking your insulin, you are up and then you are down & it’s messing with your hormones” I knew I wanted to try to cut them out ASAP.

So, ya- when Kristi told me she practices I.T. I knewwwwww I was starting the very next day.

& I did.

Today I am on day 2 of Intermittent Fasting.

I start my day with a cup of butter coffee (coffee with grass-fed butter and MCT oil).

I’m using MCT oil and butter in my coffee to kickstart my body into Ketosis. I’m basically training my body to burn fat ALL day long.

MCT oil is (fat from coconut oil & palm kernel oil) “a top source of essential healthy fats. These fats are digested easily and sent directly to your liver, where they have a thermogenic effect and the ability to positively alter your metabolism. MCT’s are burned by the body for energy instead of being stored as fat”.

Butter in my coffee is also not new to me at all. A few years ago my body builder uncle was raving about it for all the magical benefits.

Butter + coffee: ONLY GRASS-FED BUTTER (Kerrygold is the best) has the fats that regulate cholesterol, not add to it. “Grass-fed butter has the best ratio of omega 6 & 3 fatty acids & vitamin K. It provides healthy fat to your brain and body to create healthy cell walls & hormones. Drinking it in the morning puts your body in the routine to burn fat all day”.

“Two tablespoons are all you need to replace a breakfast meal all together, providing your body with essential fats and calories is a higher performance blend than a carb source like oatmeal” or in my case Kodiak cakes. 😐

So I am BLENDING (has to be blended) 1 tablespoon Kerrygold grass-fed butter with 1 tablespoon MCT oil with hot coffee (has to be hot) and it is basically the most amazing creamy latte looking drink.

I’m not eating anything until about 12pm or 12:30pm where I will snack on protein (eggs & chicken) and healthy fats (avocado, almonds & bacon[!!!!!!!!]) until I work out at 6. After my workout I load up on carbs & protein (ex: ground turkey, sweet potato & veggies). After dinner my fast begins again till the next day.

I have a coach helping me through this entire process and to be 100% honest with you I FEEL AMAZING. Like, loving every minute.

I’m still completely in the beginner stages but I know myself and especially my body well enough to see that this is REALLY working for ME & I do not want to stop, I honestly just can’t wait to do it all over again the next day & see results!

I’m thinking I will see some changes in just a week! 🙂

On snapchat I recieved quite a few Q’s about I.T. so if you guys are interested in meeting Kristi & working out with me, comment below or direct message me on social media! I’d looove to take you to a class &/or introduce you to Kristi!

I’m also available by email: amandaweitzel@yahoo.com 


Can’t wait to share more! ❤



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