A Q&A w/ Yoga Instructor Niki! (The do’s, The don’ts, the HOW TO, & a yoga booty?)


As I am sure many of you know after reading my earlier posts, I LOVE YOGA.

They don’t call me GREENJUICE AND YOGAPANTS, for nothin’, Amiright?

Today I want to dig a lot deeper into my love for yoga / how I got so involved / what it does for me / etc, etc.

Not only that, I want to introduce you to one of my favorite instructors at the yoga studio I go to (shoutout: Corepower yoga in Fair Oaks) Niki!

Niki Movaghar is a local yoga teacher babe in Fair Oaks CA, age 24, so friendly, so bright, so FUN to be around & total GIRLBOSS.

Niki ditched her 9-5 job long ago to pursue her dream of teaching yoga & most importantly to be HAPPY, to be her most authentic SELF. ❤


I met Niki when I took her class and immediately knew I wanted to be friends. ❤

That’s the thing about the yogi community, all the teachers will most likely become your friends because they are so cool and sooo genuinely HAPPY (at least where I yoga at)!

So, I asked you guys on twitter, instagram, & snapchat what you wanted me to ask Niki for our Q & A so I can film a video and share all the yoga secrets!

Niki & I got together at Corepower & chatted all about yoga– the do’s, the don’ts, how-to-start, how to take it up a notch, at-home yoga options, our personal stories & we show some yoga with weights (my personal favorite).

I love yoga so I knew it was so important to share this wonderful practice with all of you! ❤

Yoga for me, really clears my mind and connects me to my body at the deepest level. I like feeling my body, it makes me feel more in tune with absolutely everything.

Yoga reminds me to take deep breaths as well, which is CRUCIAL when working out, fit babes!! Do you realize how you breathe? Is it short? Deep? Are you not even thinking about it?!? We go into all of this.

The best part about yoga, there is such thing as a YOGA booty. Like, glute growth by doing YOGA. Niki & I will also go in detail about this too because everyone needs to hop on board like tooooday!


So watch our video below, grab a snack or two or three because it is a lengthy one and please enjoy, when you are done read below for instructions on a GIVEAWAY with Niki ❤ ❤ ❤ See ya soon!

01:34 – Niki tells her girlboss story as to how she quit her 9-5 to pursue her teaching dream
03:28 – Niki answers how to figure out which type of yoga is for you
05:22 – I tell how I personally got so into yoga
07:18 – Niki answers, “Should everyone be practicing yoga?”
09:00 – Yoga booty is real and how to get one
09:40 – Niki tells the benefits of yoga blocks & muscle rollers
10:49 – Niki answers, “How do you change up your routine, I feel like i’m passed the beginner stage”
12:59 – Niki tells why yoga is SO important for everyone
15:20 – Niki talks her favorite poses and how women hold a lot of their stress/emotion in their HIPS
16:00 – We break down yoga with weights (MY FAVORITE)
16:20 – Sun Salutation B , How to master it!
18:35 – Sun B with weights added in order to make it an amazing workout
22:00 – How to get in touch with Niki & workout at Corepower yoga with us for FREEEEEE


So isn’t she just the CUTEST in all of the land?

Thank you sooooo much Niki for doing this with me. 🙂

And thank YOU so much for watching. ❤

Now the FUN part:

Niki was so excited to do this with me that she is going to create & GIVEAWAY a beautiful Mala necklace or BRACELET designed by her to one of my SUBSCRIBERS!!!!

All you have to do:


COMMENT on the Q&A video with Niki what you liked best!

FOLLOW Niki on her instagram!

ANYONE can enter (in the U.S) !

Winner will be chosen in exactly ONE WEEK ❤ !!!!

Good luck fit babes.

Talk soon,




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