buh-bye CRAVINGS!


Today has been quite the long day!

I woke up before 5am to work and have been going, going, going ever since.

I’M BEAT. Nothing like some extra cheddar stacks though, am I right?

I’m still bringing you some AWESOME tips because I feel that it has been a long time since I’ve thrown some FIT BABE tips at ya.

Today I’m talking about CRAVINGS.

How to BEAT them


how to EAT them,



I actually just ate some spinach & feta pizza from Domino’s so this is really very suiting.

To be quite honest, I crave junk food all day, i’ve just gotten excellent at dealing with it & i’m going to share with you exactly how I do so. ❤

I’m not here to tell you that avoiding your cravings is the way to go 24-7 because I believe that’s a bunch of horse SHAT.

I don’t want my fit babes to go CRAZY & hurt themselves avoiding foods they love!

Indulging once in a while helps ya not go insane.

Here’s how my week normally goes:

Mon-Fri my diet stays pretty consistent, lean & healthy. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that i’m out of the house all day and working so I don’t have much time to think about food.

When the weekend rolls around, i’m home more so my diet starts to get a little loose.

GRANTED, on Monday i’m back at the healthy eats.

I have a feeling not everyone is as disciplined? Let me know.

Either way, I’m sharing my tips on how I AVOID the cravings 80% of the time so we can be fit babes together. ❤ ❤

PLEASE share your tips with me as well.

TIP 1:

Drinking Flavored Sparkling Water

Thank heavens, thank Jesus, thank your mama that SPARKLING WATER exists. This is the holy grail of all my fit babes with a sweet tooth! Sparkling water not only has TONS of health benefits, vitamins and minerals but it also makes you feel full and the flavor is always SWEET! I always take sparkling water with me to work and drink it when I’m feeling “bored-hungry” or CRAVING carbs and sugar. Just beware of ASAPARTAME! Some sparkling water has that evil ingredient which is very crucial to stay away from as I explained in this post. I love the Costco “Kirkland” brand in the Raspberry flavor– mmmm.

TIP 2:

Chew gum

Weird right?

Usually this trick does the job when I am at work or school otherwise it doesn’t have much success. SWEET gum really helps curb my sweet tooth because I get JUST enough of the sweetness that I need to feel satisfied and gum also can sometimes be filling for a while especially when you drink cold water.


TIP 3:

Find Healthy Alternatives

Desserts can be healthy! 
If it fits your “macros” and the ingredients are REAL why not dig in to something sweet? My favorite macro friendly / “healthy” desserts are Halo Top ice cream (really soooo insanely good), dark chocolate & strawberries, Trader Joe’s coconut cashews & peanut butter chocolate chips. You can also find TONS of healthy dessert recipes online, so don’t be lazy and get the preservative filled stuff!!

Tip 4:

Brush Your Teeth

(Now you may have already knew this trick but it works so well I had to point it out) Brushing your teeth, for whatever reason, totally shuts off that hungry indicator in your brain & it does so quickly! This works really well after lunch and dinner when I really don’t need any extra food I just WANT it– outsmart myself really. 🙂

Tip 5:

Have a Freaking CHEAT DAY

Whether it be twice a week, once a week or once a month, allow yourself to indulge!! I find it so important to give myself one day to enjoy every meal without stressing about the calories and the way I will feel. During the week knowing I have a cheat day makes me wait to cheat on my diet until that particular day. I really enjoy having that one or two days to let loose and live a little, ya know? LIFE IS SHORT.

On that note I am OUT to burry my face in my new favorite book, “She Means Business” by Carrie Green, i’m loving it!! Really great for a woman wanting to start her own bizz. ❤




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