Today i’m talking all about my FAVORITE WORKOUTS.

My favorite workouts are INTENSE. I like them fast, quick, and incorporating multiple muscle groups. I don’t like spreading my workouts out all over the week because I don’t have time to workout everyday and it’s honestly just not necessary when you can work out like ME. 🙂

Incorporating all types of training (strength training, cardio, stretching, balance speed) all in one is called INTEGRATED TRAINING & it’s my favorite.

It actually happens to be what the National Academy of Sports Medicine is teaching me to train my clients and it makes a lot of sense.

Integrated Training is:

“A comprehensive training approach that combines all components necessary to help your body achieve optimum performance “

( Say hello to MUSCLE GAINS ).

Traditionally, all the bodybuilders work certain muscle groups on particular days (leg day, chest day, arm day, etc), however, fitness professionals noticed that people need something more FUNCTIONAL that compliments our daily lifestyle.

DO NOT compare you workout regime to that of a body builder, they literally workout to get spray tanned and judged– I always wonder if the big ol’ body builder guy had to save someone in serious danger they probably wouldn’t have very good endurance or speed??

If you think about it, the way we live our lives we need movement involving much more, like: acceleration, stabilization, something more rounded to our everyday deeds.

For instance, many of us live a huge part of our life sitting (driving, getting in and out of a car, desk job), and we do mundane things like carry groceries, walk around, jog here and there, etc. Others may have super strenuous jobs. Either way our body needs to be able to adapt well and take the beating of choice the healthy way (TRAIN IT).


Thus, Integrated Training was born.


Obviously, EVERYONE is different.

Your training routine needs to reflect YOUR lifestyle. 

If you are mostly sedentary and haven’t worked out in MONTHS you are going to have to take your workouts easy at first & then keep at it to continue getting stronger and stronger. Then your workout routine needs to be able to make up for the amount of time you are sitting.

It is necessary to incorporate all types of MOVEMENT. We were made to MOVE ladies & gents.

Which means we need to be able to perform with:

  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Resistance Training
  • Reactive Training
  • Speed, agility & quickness
  • Core


In order to achieve this we always need to be switching up our routine (now this is where a coach really comes in handy)!

Never get too comfortable and always be open to new ways to get your body up & at it.

With that said, here are my:



Cardio: “Cardio is hardio” but so so needed! I absolutely cannot stand the treadmill & stairmaster so I try to stay away as much as possible. My new favorite cardio routine consists of jump rope & the Ski-Erg machine. If your gym does not have a Ski Erg machine try the row machine! SO MUCH FUN! (More details in video)

Upper Body: Push-ups, Pull-ups & Planks. You don’t need tons & tons of weight to get sculpted arms and shoulders. Body weight workouts work a m a z i n g. I try to incorporate these moves at least 3 days a week! (More details in video)

Lower Body: Squats, Bulgarian split squats, Squats on bosu ball (balance), Lunges. (More details in video)

Abs: Planks, Resistance band oblique twist, Sit up with dumbbell above head (KILLER)!!!!. (More details in video)



Find more workouts under the workouts sections!

Till next time fit babes. ❤







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