Stop Thinking Moving To A Beach Town Will Solve Your Problems

Today I was driving home from work, listening to my FAVORITE songs by Sublime and reminiscing on my life when I lived in Carmel. It reminded me of how I am just as happy living in a hot suburban area as I was living in a beach town. HOW?

Let me explain…


First, and in case you weren’t aware: you are incredible.

Whether you know it or not yet you are seriously able to do and feel however & WHATEVER you want.

All it takes? YOU believing in yourself whole heartedly & in order to do that you have to be 100% confident in yourself.

That’s just it though, being confident/loving yourself is the HARDEST part!

That’s SO messed up, isn’t it?!

Loving ourselves should be a piece of cake!! However I think it gets real fuzzy and weird somewhere in our adolescence. 

Whatever it is, I’m over it– all I want to do is LOVE myself now. I truly just don’t have time for anything else. LIFE IS TOO SHORT.

If I preach anything on my blog, it really is that life is so short. Like CRAZY short.

So LOVE yourself & be kind to EVERYONE. 

Easier said than done of course, but with each day we can get better. 

I lived in Carmel, California just about a year ago.

Carmel is TOTAL beach town perfection if you ask me. See below:




Since I was a little girl all I wanted was to live in Southern-California, then I turned 15 and realized EVERYONE wants to live by the beach. HA. Still didn’t stop me, I’m pretty good at manifesting the things I want for the most part. ; )

So, I moved to Carmel after high school for MANY reasons & yes, quite frankly the beach is all it’s cracked up to be. We are human, we feel the deep fantastic energy that the ocean has to offer but it’s NOTHING to feel sad about not living near a beach.

I met people who lived in a beach town their whole life, there totally “eh” about it. 

I also met people who moved to the coast at some point in their life and they are STOKED about it.

Really it’s all in your head.

I personally realized quickly that you can be INSANELY happy WHERE EVER you are.

I didn’t live in Carmel too insanely long because I’m madly crazy about my boyfriend here in Sacramento and my whole family is here.

Something important I decided while driving down highway 1 (where the coast view is INSANE) is that I could feel that happy feeling ANYWHERE. 


You don’t have to be driving down highway 1 to feel that same giddy feeling– find the right people to spend your time with, love yourself a whole lot and you can take that fuzzy and warm feeling ANYWHERE & pull it out anytime.

A beautiful place doesn’t mean as much if you don’t have the right people with you.


So now I can be stuck in downtown Sacramento traffic (my current home), listening to Sublime & be JUST as happy knowing that life is whatever I want it to be.

I find such pleasure knowing that I can craft exactly what I want to feel and think.

When I find myself in a dumpy mood I ask, “do I really want to continue feeling like this?” Answer is always NO. So guess what? I change my attitude, real quick.

Same goes for moving from a BEAUTIFUL place to an “eh” place, I can choose to feel just as happy and satisfied! And it totally helps having AMAZING people around me. ❤ ❤ ❤




I hope you know that the beach is just a beach and you can feel just as happy with your life everyday as you are with the ocean!

Anywhere you are– choose to LOVE it, because you create it.

If you aren’t happy, know you have the key to change anything you want, anytime! 

Lovely isn’t it?


Till next time FIT BABES!







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