Nails Done, Hair Done, Everything did… On a budget! Here’s how:

I recently posted a HILARIOUS meme on my Instagram, if you didn’t see:

One of my best friends commented on the photo and asked me to do a post on “budgeting”, I almost fell off my chair from LOLing!

I am THE WORST with my money. Or at least for the last few years of my life I have totally been AWFUL with my funds. It wasn’t until the end of last year, when I moved out on my own with roommates that I needed to get serious about my funds.

I still have a long way to go but I believe I am on the right track.

I think money and looking/feeling good have SO MUCH to do with your mental health. The clothes I wear are a total reflection of my mood. When I’m in a super cute outfit I feel unstoppable, to be quite honest. Anyone else?

However clothes cost M O N E Y & can be pricey if you aren’t shopping smart!

Who agrees that money can be one of the most stressful things ever?

Always feeling like we need more, figuring out how to make more, how to travel, how to buy nice things, etc etc. It can be depressing, if you let it (please don’t).

My goal is to create my own business that brings me financial freedom but at the moment my finances are tight, tight, tight!

This post is going to be breaking down HOW I LIVE WITHIN MY MEANS.

A few tips on  how I manage to “kinda” still look cute (makeup, hair done, clothes, etc) on a BUDGET.

Looking CUTE on a BUDGET:

My life became so much better in every aspect when I decided to be SIMPLE. Less is more here. Less makeup & less styling of my hair has really saved the bank and the well being of my skin AND hair. No joke.

I talked about my SIMPLE skin care routine here.

HAIR/SKIN: I have wild curly, easily-knotted-in-a-birds-nest type of hair that I used to DESPISE. I seriously would wake up 2 + hours before I had to leave for high school just so I could straighten my hair and put a full face of makeup on. My skin & hair have suffered a great deal from those times. : ‘ (

It wasn’t until a year or so ago I stopped putting so much energy into my looks, result? BETTER LOOKING SKIN & HAIR! After only a few months of minimal makeup and stupid simple skincare (refer to this video for all my skincare products/details/super affordable) I noticed amazing results in my skin, buh-bye acne! I never do anything “extra” to my hair, leaving it NATURAL is a saving grace.

I wash it with a good shampoo & conditioner made for curly hair and air dry it. I NEVER brush my wet hair, I use my hands or a wide tooth comb. Reason? Brushes and small combs RIP out your hair– brushes are made too rough and cause split ends!! I massage coconut oil and a good serum (I love Paul Mitchell serum) mostly at the ends and the dry areas of my hair. If I am going to bed after I shower I leave my hair in the highest ponytail on top of my head because it keeps my curls FRESH and bouncy while I sleep like a crazy animal.

I will wear my hair curly and crazy down or strap it into a huge bun. I love to hair spray my fly aways so it looks super sleek sometimes when I am going out or have makeup on– it really spices things up! ❤ I am not afraid to rock my hair in a bun  anywhere / anytime, that’s just the gym bunny in me I guess. ; )

When it comes to getting my hair colored I have cut down MAJORLY. $300 every time I go to get it colored is just not in the budget. I used to have BLONDE hair and I really did love it– but not my bank account. So I have to be frugal now & my hair actually loves me for it so it worked out. What I do now is I go to the JCPenney hair salon & get a few highlights every 6 months or so and a TRIM– only $50!!!!!!!!! I love my blonde so the fact I am able to get a little brightness in my hair within my budget is really great. The girl I go to is awesome, email me and I will refer you to her! ❤

CLOTHES/OUTFIT: I really could live in gym clothes ideally, but after a while it just starts to make me feel lazy!! At some point I feel really uncomfortable in yoga pants & a tee shirt, I need more. I’m the type of person who LOVES  a cool/cute outfit. I’ve worked years in the retail world, specifically at Kate Spade, my favorite part of working in retail was dressing up– it is SO fun! I am truly my BEST SELF in a good outfit, i’m just wired that way. Unfortunately, on a budget I cannot just go out to Revolve and blow thousands on the BEST clothes. I shop & trade clothes on Poshmark, I love Forever21, TJMaxx, Style For Less, & once in a while I will come across a really great online store.

(Working at Kate Spade + BLONDE hair)

I go MONTHS without shopping, I really try to work with what I have: I cut tee shirts, mix and match clothes, turn dresses into skirts, outfit repeat constantly– I really just do whatever it takes for me to feel good in what I’m wearing.


Often I go through my closet and flip & sell the stuff I no longer wear (thanks Gary Vee) so I can purchase new clothes without feeling bad about spending money… Kinda brilliant, ya?
I’m sure you have tons of clothes you don’t wear that someone else is dying to! Even getting together with my girls and trading clothes is fun. Get crafty guys. ❤

When I do go shopping I give myself a budget (usually $40-50) and I strive to find 5-7 new pieces that I can make work a few different ways!

I live in light, flowy dresses & rompers in the summer. Something about jean shorts really makes me feel uncomfortable all of a sudden. Everything is too short or rides up on me and instantly makes me feel uncomfortable. Tank-tops and distressed skinny jeans are a go-to of mine, keeping it VERY simple.

NAILS: Who else is obsessed with having acrylic nails?! I LOVE them. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine to have my nails done every few weeks. I found a hole-in-the-wall nail salon right down the street from my work and have become friends with the owners! They are really the best, Helen & Ken are husband and wife and own Helen’s Nails in Sacramento off Fulton ave!! They are the SWEETEST humans and work their ass’s off. I love going there and spending my money there (never more than $40), I feel like I’m helping them out and they really deserve it! Not only that, I feel sooo good with my cutie nails. Since it does take so long to get them done I always listen to a podcast or bring a book so I feel like I am being slightly productive… lol. Again, this is a total guilty pleasure that I’ve tried to live without but I just could not!! Nails also have a huge mental effect on me– making me feel REALLY feminine and strong. Weird, right?? #TREATYOURSELF


For now that is all the beauty budget tips I have for you! I am a total girly girl at heart and pampering myself feels so good, so I’ve had to learn how to live within my means while still staying GLAM.

If you found anything helpful– let me know!

Also, leave me your tips!!




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