What I Eat To Train My Body To Burn Fat All Day

Isn’t it a dream of yours to lose weight/gain muscle while not putting that much effort into it?

I think I found the solution!!

INTERMITTENT FASTING— basically just a new way to eat, all the cool kids are doing it!

I mentioned in this post how I have a coach now and she said that I should start practicing I.T, so I did the VERY next day!

I am now on week 3, lost 7 pounds of FAT, and my energy is CRAZY.

I’m thinking more straight than I have in a long time & feeling very good (that’s a whole other post).

Right now my favorite part of the day is my workout– that’s how awesome my energy levels are!!

It’s really exciting to find something that works for me & I really want to share all the details of my fasting experience with you.

I created a video blog for you guys to get more details on how I start my day when I’m Intermittent Fasting and most importantly what I eat to have my body run so well.

Click the play button below & enjoy!

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1:05 Why I Am Fasting

1:32 Training Body To Burn Fat

1:50 Starting Your Day Off Right

2:09 Butter + MCT Coffee : How To Make & Why I Drink This

3:52 Breaking the Fast & What I Eat During The Day / Why

4:30 Why I don’t Eat Carbs & Sugar During The Day

4:56 Apple Cider Vinegar Drink

6:20 The Best Salad To Have For Dinner

[ More Info : ]


This has changed my life in the best way, I don’t need to make a big breakfast anymore which has saved me time.


♡Slower Release of Caffeine (hello energy!!)

♡Fills you up for 5 + hours

♡MCT oil is sent directly to your liver where it has a thermogenic effect helping your metabolism speed (start with 1 tbsp)

♡Reduces Stored Body Fat

♡Balances Hormone Levels

♡Fights Bacterial viruses

♡Helps you Absorb Fat-Solube Nutrients From Food

 Think of it as a meal replacement! A super star meal replacement.

For a great article on butter coffee click here



I drink ACV everyday because it is SO good for your body.


♡Lowers Cholestrtol

♡Prevents Indigestion (have some before you eat carbs– life saver!)

♡Contains potassium, which thins mucus (great for colds/preventing them)

♡Acid Suppresses Appetite

♡Increases Metabolism

♡Reduces Water Retention (buh-bye bloating)

♡Clears Acne

♡Whitens teeth (!!)

More info on ACV click here


Till Next Time!





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