[Social Media DETOX] Give The Phone A Rest, Watch Your Life Change.


You’re lurking on social media, switching from Instagram to Facebook to Snapchat then back to Instagram and before you know it a whole HOUR has come and gone. 1 HOUR.

We’ve all been there.

I could have got in a workout, caught up on sleep or read a few chapters of an awesome book in 1 whole hour but instead I was LURKING on social media. #HELP.

In the world we live in today we are constantly stimulating our minds– always jumping from one task to the next, never really stopping too much to TUNE IN.

Tuning into myself is crucial, I have to take moments to see how I’m feeling during the day and ask myself questions like, “Am I hungry? Tired? Overreacting? In a terrible mood? Why?”. When I check into my self like this I am my BEST possible self, I really am able to treat others around me much better when I know what’s going on in my head.

When I go to my cell-phone first thing instead of checking in on me or others I get really LOST & in a funky mood. Kinda depressed even?

I can’t take that much stimulation!! I need to take time to meditate during the day, breathe deeply, THINK & take care of myself.

So in today’s post I wanted to talk about a CELL PHONE & SOCIAL MEDIA DETOX.

Something I’ve wanted to write about for a while because it’s so necessary right now in this obsessed world.

Can we please just PUT THE PHONE AWAY sometimes?

So cliché, but, enjoying the moment (!!) and others around me– giving them my full ATTENTION has major benefits on my mental health, let’s all take advantage of this??

I won’t hang around people who are glued to their phone when we are out & about, I do NOT need that in my life– it’s just too much, like what persons social media feed is that important to be on every second?

So before I go off on a tangent,

let’s just get into to how I DETOX from social media.

A social media detox for me is being as far away from my phone & computer as possible.

Detox 1:

When I work out I NEVER have my phone near me. I take classes (HIIT & Yoga) so I have the luxury to have music out loud and leave my phone behind (another reason to come to my class eh?). That’s 1 whole hour or more of NO phone.

Without having that little device control my workout, the way I feel afterwards is 100% better. When I workout with headphones in I’m constantly changing the music and getting distracted occasionally on my rest breaks checking my feed, like NOOOOOO.

Working out is my time to really push myself harder than I have all day, enjoy some ME time and to reaaaaallly tune in.

Afterwards? I feel like a new woman, cleansed from the sea of likes, insta models & 24-7 brain stimulation…ahhhh.

I don’t even want to be on my phone after a workout anymore (unless of course I’m showing you how awesome the workout is on snapchat).

Detox 2:

Another way I love to detox from the cell is to leave the phone out of my bedroom when I get ready to go to bed.

Studies show that the light from our phones tells our brain to STAY AWAKE making it really hard to relax and sleep after scrolling on social media for hours before sleeping. YIKES.

To avoid such stress, I leave the phone in the kitchen and set an old school alarm– total life saver, see ya never, phone!

Instead of lurking on social media before bed, I’ll read a book, puts me right to

Detox 3:

When the morning comes around I don’t have the urge to check my phone first thing since I left it in another room. Checking my phone first thing in the AM really stresses me out. Anyone else?

First thing I do is read my Jesus Calling book, maybe even some of the Bible and drink water. I meditate, feel grateful/peaceful for 30+ minutes, make my breakfast (butter coffee) and the very last thing I do is check my phone.

This is the BEST way to start out my day, anything else I start to feel overwhelmed.

I believe we are very spiritual beings at our core & the phone and our busy lifestyles really rip us away from our spiritual thoughts and feelings and we feel LOST.

If you think about it, we kind of are lost, SO distracted 24-7 with our phones, significant other, kids and the daily “hustle” we have to have in order to be “successful”. When are we checking in on ourselves and being STILL?

Once you re-connect and give yourself some time to FEEL with no phone & no distractions you will know what I’m talking about rather than thinking i’m a NUT, even though I kind of am. 😉

Social media detoxes are good for soooooooo many reasons.

Especially if you are finding yourself playing the comparison game, you know it’s time to detox.

 if you’ve been feeling highly anxious, stressed out or depressed, this is a good time to take a social media detox. It may feel weird at first, but your overall mood should begin to improve as you stay away from Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

You won’t believe the amount of time you will have when you take a break from social media, it takes a serious toll on the hours of the day which doesn’t seem like the best way to spend my time anymore, I’m really starting to watch myself.
I highly recommend giving it a try!
Let me know how it goes.

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