The Best Damn Protein Shake Around + Interview with Good Life Nutrition Owner 


Tons of great stuff to cover today so hold on to your seats!

I got together with an INCREDIBLE woman who has inspired me 100 times more to follow my entrepeneur dreams!!!


I met Sarah Desimone via Instagram! Sarah commented on one of my pictures & I guess you could say I slid into her DM’s.

I visited her Instagram, @herbachick24 and saw she owned her own Nutrition shop called “Good Life Nutrition” just a few miles away from my house and she works out at the same gym & simply just all around seemed like one of those girls I would just *VIBE* with. You know the feeling, right?

Anyways, I told her I wanted to meet with her ASAP.

Fast forward 4 days and I was walking into her super cute nutrition bar off Fair Oaks Blvd.

I was greeted by tons of smiling faces, girls and guys drinking their Herbalife shakes and dancing to music.

Instantly, I knew I was in the right place.

I recognized Sarah right away behind the counter and she started whipping me up some drinks.

First she told me about Aloe water & basically the benefits are endless:

soothes stomach,

relieves indigestion,

supports nutrient absorption,

made from premium quality/ whole leaf aloe vera,

includes benefits of chamomile &


SIGN ME UP, right?

I chose the Cranberry flavor and was BLOWN away, it was delightful.

After the Aloe water, she poured me a THERMOGENIC tea (!!), she called it “cardio in a cup”– sold.

Basically the tea works as a fat burner, speeds the metabolism and can be a replacement for your coffee. DELISH!

Last but not least she whipped me up a shake.

This Herbalife shake was AMAZING, like one of the best I’ve ever tasted.

Herbalife shakes are:

plant based protein,

no dairy,

full of feel good nutrients with the most amazing texture.

It was like dessert and I enjoed every sip (drank it in like 2 seconds but who is counting?).

If you don’t believe me, go try yourself!

Tea + Aloe Water + Shake is only $7.


So after I downed all the liquids she propped me onto the body scanner and talked with me about nutrition (I mean I was really in HEAVEN).

My results?


Sooooo, I’ve lost weight from Intermittent Fasting, great.

However my body fat % could definitley be lower, just because I am a crazy goal setter and really PUSH myself.

After talking with Sarah about my goals she advised me on how to reach them with her own experience.

Turns out I need to be having A LOT of protein, like 1 g for every pound I weigh if I want to put on more muscle (i’m sharing the nutriton guide she shared with me below).

I’m going to be incorporating these shakes into my daily routine everyday!

24g of amazing plant based protein per shake & the taste is truly incredible.

I’m so excited to try more Herbalife products!! Who else is a fan?!





So of course the drinks and nutrition chat was amazing but I wanted to know HOW Sarah attained the life she lives now.

Sarah owns her own Nutrition shop, Good Life Nutrition, with 3 other girls, has created a super successful business through Herbalife AND has a rockin’ bod.

So how does she do it?!

I did a very short Q&A with Sarah to get to the bottom:


Greenjuiceandyogapants: How did you become a health coach through Herbalife? What did your life look like at the time?

Sarah: It was 2012, I was managing Abercrombie Kids, I had -12 dollars in my account, just moved to Sacramento to be with my boyfriend and to live in California which I always dreamed of. I needed a job, so I figured out a way to get into Herbalife through my boyfriend who was involved at the time. Since then I haven’t looked back, nothing else made sense as far as work until I was introduced to being an entrepeneur.

Greenjuiceandyogapants: What does your typical work day look like?

Sarah: Wake up early, listen to Personal Development (I like Tony Robbins, strong mindset type of stuff) and immediately have my Aloe water, tea, Herbalife shake & vitamins. I then meet with clients or go to parks/wherever to talk about my shop and or work at Good Life Nutrition.

Greenjuiceandyogapants: BEST Fitness tip for someone starting their journey to better themselves?

Sarah:  Nutrition needs to be on point before ANYTHING. If your nutrition sucks you wont see results & can get frusturated, even depressed! You will not see results if you aren’t working smart, which means, eating well and feeding your body what it needs to give you the results you want to see. After that is down then you can get serious about a fitness plan.

Greenjuiceandyogapants: Any advice for starting your own Business?

Sarah: Be consistent AND passionate.





I love everything Sarah had to say. What do you think?


To shop the products CLICK HERE!


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