Quick Leg Workout & Some Important Questions Answered



Well, hello hello!

Today I’m back & answering some HIGHLY asked questions about Squats.

I think it’s important to note I have made some major glute progress with no heavy squats at all. HALLELUJAH.

I still think squats are a very good movement for quads & back.

Heavy squats are SO challenging for me. I actually kind of hate them, so I love to try to incorporate them every now & then just to really PUSH myself. Anyone else?

Right now I’m only comfortable really squatting heavy when I have someone to critique my form, because FORM is more important than ANYTHING.

If you have bad form, you aren’t doing much.

With that said, I have some quick DO’s & DON’Ts for ya with the help of my co-workers!

Questions we will go over:

1st: What The Hell Are BELTS Used For When Lifting?

2nd: Is Squeezing Your Glutes At The Top Of A Squat EFFECTIVE?

I’m also sharing some workouts I did while traveling to Manteca Fitness Evolution for training for my new job.

The gym there is BEAUTIFUL. 

It was a very, very long day of training for my new position as a Fitness Instructor so I had to get up and move around afterwards- a HARD workout is always needed after sitting all day long.

It’s fun to play at a new gym, especially when it is brand new with the best-of-the-best equipment!!

If you are ever in the area you have to go!

The Hydromassage beds alone will blow your mind.

I had 2 hydro-massages one of the days because I was soo sore from my workouts.

If you don’t know:

Hydro-massages reduce anxiety levels, gives a sense of well-being, improves the ability to monitor stress signals, gives a feeling of peace of mind, it also helps to alleviate discomfort caused by pregnancy, provides with a relaxed state of mental alertness, helps treat sore muscles & more!

I traveled to Manteca for training with 2 of my co-workers, Jake & Jake (ha-ha).

They are incredibly athletic and very educated when it comes to health & fitness so I was STOKED when we decided to put on a workout.

Jake answers the highly requested questions about form & equipment so stay tuned for the video below! 🙂


0:25 – What is the Purpose of Weight Lifting Belts?

0:54 – How I warm Up For Squats

1:53 – Are You Supposed To Squeeze your glutes when you get to the top of a Squat?

2:45 – Some Of My Favorite Leg Workouts

3:40 – (SO IRRELEVANT BUT CUTE) The Cutest Baby Bird We Found ❤ ❤

3:53 – Easy ONE CLICK Subscribe Button ! Please Subscribe to my channel













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