My Experience To The Holiest Land In The World: Medjugorje 

The original plan for tonights post was going to be a edit of an original post but turns out I’ve NEVER written a full post about my Pilgramage to Medjugorje… *crickets*

So here we go!!

If you haven’t been on a pilgramage let me break it down for you, (according to google) it’s simply: A Religious Journey.

& that pretty much sums it up to be honest.
It’s a time where you can travel as little as a few miles to THOUSANDS of miles away to places that have had incredible and INSANE things happen there. Traveling to these places creates the deepest understanding of what’s going on & how it can impact your own life.

Now before I get into this, PLEASE NOTE, I’m not trying to pressure you into believing anything you don’t want to– i’m just sharing my own personal journey and what happened to meeee. 💕

With that said, let me explain to you EXACTLY where I was in my life when my grandma called me up on the phone circa 2015 and told me she wanted to pay for a trip to Medjugorje for my brother & I to experience a spiritual journey.

“What is MEDJUGORJE and why do we need to go there?” I asked my Grandma a million times. She lives in Berkeley & I lived in Carmel at the time so phone calls were how we communicated about this journey.

Here’s where it gets weird: My grandma told me that Mary (Jesus’s MOM) was appearing to 6 visionaries since the 80’s when they were kids. Mary is giving messages to these visionaries to this very day & it is all very much scientifically proven, see a short article here.

The messages aren’t just always to these visionaries, they are often specifically for the whole world to hear and it’s NUTS the things Mary shares.


Ahhh, that was extremely weird to me at first.

I CRINGED at the thought of flying for 19 hours to a extremely random area of the world for what, ghosts????

I said to her, “I don’t know if I want to travel that far, Grandma. I’m terrified of flying and the whole thing just sounds weird”. Basically thinking of any excuse possible to get out of this trip.

As you can imagine she was NOT happy with me.

A few weeks later, guilt had set in, optimism started to spill into my mind and I felt like “WHY NOT GO?” (cue Gods plan for me).

I called my grandma and said “Ok, Grams. Let’s do this!”.

Not going to lie, once the pilgramage company “Caritas” started to send me booklets of what to expect, itinerarys & lists of things to bring and not to bring (they said to leave the cell phone at HOME and never take it out😅) I started to want to back out again and again, almost weekly!

I pushed my doubt away and let the optimism take the wheel.

June 2016 rolled around & it was time to hop on the plane for our insanely long journey to Bosnia.

19 or so hours late we finally landed in Split.

A bus awaited us (MORE TRAVELING😫) to take us 2 hours away to our final destination, Medjugorje.

I got into the bus to find all of the other people in the pilgramage. My brother and I were the youngest by far *gulp*.

Long story short we prayed the entire 2 hour drive, everyone was super into it like they do it all the time & I was VERY weirded out , felt very much like I had wandered into the wrong classroom on the 1st day of school, you know what I mean?
As the week went on (we were there for a total of 10 days) I met people in my pilgramage group that I soon realized I was DESTINED to meet and hear their story.
I heard talks from the visionaries (people who see & talk to Mary in another dimension) who blew me away and changed my life spiritually & eventually I realized wholeheartedly that Heaven is the most real place in this universe & Earth is so temporary, fragile & very very much LOST without this deep connection with God we were created to have a feel.
I cried, I felt scared, I felt sick, I felt amazing, I felt sad, I felt happy, I felt nervous & most of all, through every feeling, I felt HOME. 

I was connecting with people who didn’t even understand my language, we just understood one mutual and most important thing of all : LOVE, God’s Love.

It’s just the craziest thing of all to me that a place I had no interest in going at all- like I basically HATED the idea at first- ended up changing my entire life and who I am as a person in the best way possible.
These kind of things happen ALL the time I’ve realized. It could be a person or a place that you aren’t super fond of that end up giving you what you need the most in your own life.

It was just a few months after I got home from this pilgramage that I started this blog & then connecting with the most amazing people.
All I’m saying is that being open to experiences & people can have a serious impact on you. When we are closed off we will NEVER KNOW our dream life & our deepest questions answered was just a “Let’s do this!” away.

Here is a vlog I made shortly after I arrived home (WARNING- it’s super raw, unfiltered & pretty emotional) :

I love you all!

Thank you for being apart of my life in any way. 💜💚


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