Let’s Get Healthy: Life Is Too Short To Feel Like Crap

Nutrition is 80% of your success when it comes to fitness.


This means if you are putting in the work at the gym and eating like CRAP (even if you don’t realize it) you are NOT letting your body show you results & you are probably getting aggravated or even DEPRESSED at this point. :/

You know that one guy who gets a diet coke and a fat free frozen burrito & considers it “healthy”, don’t be that guy!!

Let me give you a few little tips.



Okay so you have to get REAL with yourself & decide what your goals are.

Are you wanting to lose weight? Gain weight? Gain lean muscle?

For example, I personally want to gain lean muscle and lose body fat. In order to do so I need to be eating A LOT of protein. So I love to get my protein from eggs, lean meat (chicken, ground turkey), fish, yogurt & protein shakes!


Since I want to lose fat I am staying away from sugar at all costs. Sugar spikes our insulin and gives our body “cheap” energy. I want my body to burn fat storages so I had to cut the sugar.

So what about supplements? How can I use them? Are they a load of crap or are they helpful?

Let’s take a quick look at some of my favorites:

all my favies.jpg

I am huge advocate for supplements that support my goals, who isn’t?

I’m simply TOO busy to get all of my nutrients from foods, I’d be eating all day and spending LOADS of money at the grocery store.

Usually some supplements taste like CANDY too & if you are anything like me YOU LOVE SWEETS. Supplements can really help curb my appetite and keep me on track, cheat days then become less appealing.

I take the time to make sure my supplements are quality ingredients (no preservatives) and always try them before I purchase (gotta taste like dessert).

It would be hard to live without my protein shakes right now, with my daily protein goal at 143g I NEED an extra boost.

Collagen is another “fave” of mine because it TIGHTENS & firms the skin while making your hair & nails grow like weeds! Yes please.

I also really like anything that is going to get me through my workouts & help my muscles recover, because that is very important to me.

Let’s talk about YOU now.

I really want to DEDICATE my life to helping anyone and everyone get a nutrition plan and fitness program suited to their own needs.

This is why for FREE I want to give you my ALL & provide a complete wellness examination.

We will test your body fat, muscle mass, physique rating, bone mass, visceral fat, BMR, metabolic age & hydration. I want to find out what is stopping you from achieving your goal & find out exactly what nutrition plan you need in your life.

I want to do this ABSOLUTELY free.


I am starting out on my nutritionist journey and NEED clients to help and showcase here on the blog.

What do you have to lose?

Honestly, what’s stopping you from achieving your goals and getting healthy?

If you have already read this post this far PLEASE fill out the form HERE and let me get in touch with you to start creating and achieving your wellness goals!

Life is too short to feel like shit. ❤

Let’s get healthy together!




Can’t wait to start your fitness journey with you!





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