Pre & Post Workout Tips & FULL Glute & Leg Workout

Oh how I’ve missed typing away to you fit babes!!!

What have I missed?!! How have you been?!?!

GOOD NEWS though, 1. I’m back to my normal posts every other day & I’ve been MIA because I’m so focused on my nutrition consulting & fitness instructing (I’m sure most of you have seen through Snapchat & Instagram- if not, ADD ME ALREADY).

I’m basically doing it all right now, really hustlingwhich only means BETTER CONTENT for YOU to enjoy. How does that sound? 😉

See? I know you wouldn’t mind…

To kick off my new SERIES of blog posts I put together a leg & booty workout. CAN I GET AN AMEN?

Not only am I going to be sharing Glute and Leg exercises that I enjoy and know are effective, I am adding a DYNAMIC WARMUP & a COOL DOWN.

Fun words, eh?


I’m starting my workouts with a dynamic warm up because it’s a way to stretch and get the heart rate up in a SAFE & EFFECTIVE manner.

I’m ending my workout with a COOL DOWN because it’s important I share with you guys how important ending your workout with a cool down is. When you are working out hard & getting your heart rate up you HAVE to bring it back down before leaving the gym or going on with your day, otherwise, you risk HEART issues.

A cool down should be about 5 minutes minimum of slow stretches. I like to focus on stretching my whole body: Hips, calves, arms, back, neck, etc (watch video for full stretch).

Once my heart rate is down it’s time to DOWN a post workout shake.

Why a post workout shake you ask?

It takes the body HOURS to absorb food and take it to where it needs to be while drinking your protein absorbs INSTANTLY into the muscles helping them recover right away.

Think about it: you are RIPPING your muscles apart when you workout, it’s time to step up your recovery game if you want real results.

However, BEWARE of the protein you get. A lot of protein supplements have VERY gross ingredients that our body cannot process.

I recommend : Herba24 as a post recovery drink, this protein shake has 24g Whey protein (which absorbs the quickest of all protein), BCAAs, L-Glutamine & Iron. Let’s just say Olympic athletes take this stuff- it’s LEGIT. And if you were wondering, the shake tastes like a delicious chocolate milk. ❤


So with that said, ENJOY this video I put together with my very good gal pal SARAH DESIMONE (if you missed our interview at her Nutrition shop please CLICK HERE & read now!!!!!!!) 




As always, ANY questions- don’t hesitate to ask or any feedback in anyway is always welcome.






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