Healthy Habits & Tips + A Quick HIIT Workout



Who has the day after fourth of July feels?

You know, maybe a little HUNGOVER from food and alcohol?

I got just what you need.

I saw SOOOOOOOOOO many people on social media going HARD celebrating, I get it, so I had to swoop in and bring you some FEEL GOOD tips.

First of all, PLEASE stay super hydrated today.

Start your day with 8oz or more of water and a HUGE protein breakfast (protein meal replacement shake, avocado toast & eggs with some cheese) shoot for 24g of protein NO MORE. 

Try to have protein in every meal and snack you eat today!!

Boost your metabolism with TEA ( I like thermogenic tea with Aloe Vera water) and continue to stay hydrated all day. If you are wondering how much water you need, take your body weight and divide it by 2, that’s how many ounces of water you should be drinking a day.

If you are feeling hungover try and get ALL the vitamins and minerals you can! PLEASE go visit Good Life Nutrition in Fair Oaks if you are in the area and get a shake full of nutrients and vitamins!!

If you are feeling up to it, get your heart rate up today..

Here is a quick 30 minute workout that is sure to perk your mood up. Don’t forget your post workout drink RIGHT after to fuel your muscles.



 I hope you guys had an amazing fourth of July full of fun in the sun!!




Just so you know I am doing FREE Nutrition & Fitness Evaluations every week helping people achieve their wellness goals. LET’S MEET FOR YOURS!! Fill out the form HERE. 

Talk to you soon,




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