My TWO CENTS On “What The Health”

Hopping on the health train can already be difficult especially if there is one health FAD after the next.

What is even healthy anymore?!?!

I see this generation looking to “Instagram models” & commenting on their pictures for diet questions & workouts more than doing their own research. (??)

I have been practicing a healthy lifestyle for years now & I admit I have followed a lot of the “trends” (I mean, HI, I was just doing Intermittent Fasting a few weeks ago).

I am VERY open minded, I am really not opposed to much & down to try anything really.

 For a while, I listened to whatever YouTube guru seemed like they knew what they were talking about & pretty much copied what worked for them and their workouts. I did this for A LONG TIME honestly.

I realized, after trying my best, nothing really seemed to stick. I was copying someone else’s diet and workout routine and it didn’t last because I didn’t LIKE it and wasn’t noticing any results. SHOCKING.

What works for someone else is not going to ALWAYS going to work for you, at least forever.

It’s soooo important to figure out what you like & what your body needs in order for you to feel and look good (very mental & physical).

I was inspired to write this post because I just recently watched the documentary “What The Health” on Netflix. If you have been living under a rock & haven’t heard of it, it’s a documentary bashing the meat industry and the government with claims like, “eating processed meat is like smoking 5 cigarettes and directly correlated with most CANCERS”.

The documentary is BEAUTIFULLY presented and has a lot of cold hard facts, I will not lie, I LOVED it.

I was SHOCKED though, like mouth-to-floor, couldn’t stop watching.


I have dairy, eggs, canned tuna, ground turkey, all sorts of food they claim to KILL me sitting in my fridge as we speak.

Basically everything I have thought to be so healthy is NOT?! Grrrreat…

Here’s the thing- if you have seen this documentary, TAKE THE INFO AS A GRAIN OF SALT. Lightly. 

That goes for all info you find. Take the things you like and agree with & leave the rest, for now.

It is seriously INSANE to go out and become a vegan the very next day after watching ONE very well put together film by a huge number of crazy vegan people (no offense).

I’M SUREEEE there is a lot of important info in the documentary but unless it makes COMPLETE sense for you & your lifestyle- GRAIN OF SALT.

QUESTION EVERYTHING. Do your research on both sides. Consider how your health is now, maybe it would help, maybe it wouldn’t.

We all have VERY different lives and situations to take into consideration.

Don’t think there is ONE correct way to eat or it is an end-all-be-all.

I think of it this way:

Moderation is KEY. Over-indugling in one food is never good!

I take info like a grain of salt. I leave what I don’t agree with & take with me what I do.

I question everything, do my research, take into consideration how making a huge change in my life would effect everything.

 If it isn’t something sustainable, what’s the point??

You will NOT find me headed to the grocery store, stocking up on Lentils & wearing a shirt that reads “VEGAN” anytime soon.

For now,

I am cutting back on my processed meat & dairy consumption and replacing two meals with a plant based nutritional meal replacement & protein shake which I LOVE.


If you are curious how to do the same, fill this wellness profile out & I will get in touch with you. ❤


Have you watched the documentary?

What do you think?

Let’s chat.




3 thoughts on “My TWO CENTS On “What The Health”

  1. WholisticallyHannah says:

    YES girl! I agree with everything you said in this post. I used to copy all those ‘fitness youtubers’ too, but I could never stick to their diets exactly. When I finally started listening to MY body, I fell into an eating routine that has helped me thrive.
    I watched the ‘What The Health’ documentary too and I agree – it was very well done. I was SO tempted to go vegan the next day. The thought of animal products disgusted me! But unfortunately, I KNOW my body does better on a lower carb, higher protein/ fat diet. And going completely vegan would probably do me more harm then good.
    I think the best, most sustainable thing we can all do is focus on eating real, whole foods. Avoiding processed products, and things with huge ingredients labels and hard to pronounce additives. There really isn’t ‘one diet’ that works for everyone, or one style of eating that is better then others. We are all so different.


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