Quick Tips On Speeding your Metabolism, Feeling more motivated & Meal Prepping 

I started this post off with a picture of my adorable new pupper- Rocco. Firstly, because why not?

Mostly though, I wanted you to have a better understanding of my current situation: I’m on my over sized couch with little baby Rocco cuddled next to me in a tight little ball while I ferociously type away on my I-phone 6+ because my computer charger BROKE (no problem though, Amazon prime to the rescue any day now).

Ahh, this day already seems like it’s going to be just what I needed after a long week. I hope you are also having a relaxing day sometime this week ’cause GOLLY, we all need one.

So, getting on to the point of this post, I’ve talked to SO MANY young women in the past month when I give nutrition consultations.

I find that pretty much everyone truly WANTS to be healthy with a burning desire & just don’t even know where to start or even lack motivation.

It inspired me to write this post because I feel like with just a few tips you might be more motivated to start feeling your best. 💚

First of all, our body is made up of BILLIONS of cells that create every thought we think & move we make. Those same very cells are fueled by the food we eat. Therefore, if you are eating fast food, white starchy carbs, ” whole wheat” bread, dark meat, lots of sugary foods, foods with preservatives and such then that CRAP food is what is fueling your cells and making you feel run down and lacking of all motivation.

Would you fill your car up with gas that made it run slower??

Then why do you feed yourself foods that make you think & perform much slower??

I haven’t always ate foods that made me feel good, trust me.

However, once I did started eating the right foods my thinking became more clear, my body felt much lighter & I was instantly more motivated in every aspect of my life.

So the question is: What foods are FEEL good and what foods are making me feel bad?

Foods to IMMEDIATELY cut out:

  • Soda (More than your daily need of sugar, strips bones of calcium)
  • Energy Drinks (Full of preservatives)
  • Drinks with Aspartame (Linked to headaches and cancer)
  • Any food with High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS is stored as fat in the body because we cannot recognize it)
  • Wheat / White Breads (Empty calories with no nutritional value)
  • White Carbs (Empty calories with no nutritional value)
  • Dark meat (Causes bloating / very hard to digest)


Foods to eat more of:

  • Veggies (lunch and dinner should be 1/2 of your plate veggies)
  • Healthy Carbs (nothing white)
  • Lean Meat/Protein (Fish, ground turkey, chicken breast, lentils, Tofu)
  • Fruit (before lunch)
  • Clean supplements (vitamins & protein)


(meal prep by one of my clients)




  • Consume your body weight in grams of protein if you want to gain muscle
  • Consume your lean muscle mass in grams of protein to maintain
  • In order to lose fat you need to speed up your metabolism
  • Stop skipping meals, eat frequently
  • Eat protein with every meal and snack
  • Always bring water with you/Keep drinking water

Speed up your metabolism:

  • Eat no later than 30 mins from waking up ( I love starting my day with a high protein smoothie)
  • Drink tea twice a day (last time I checked coffee did not have as much antioxidants as tea does)
  • Eat every 3 hours
  • Drink water (take your body weight and divide it by 2, that is how many ounces you should be drinking daily)
  • All snacks and meals should be high in protein 10-15g for snacks, 20-25g for meals


💚 Let me know if you would like a more in detail post of anything I have talked about. 


Email me: greenjuiceandyogapants@gmail.com
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Till next time!




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