How To Get Serious And See Results • Protein, Workouts, Supplements, Finding A Coach & more 〰

I’ll be the first to admit my life is NOT perfect.

Just because I talk about Nutrition & Fitness all day does not mean I’m perfect and only eat spinach and salmon.

I don’t like to workout everyday- I just don’t.

I also LOVE to have a breakfast Bearclaw (more like 3) paired with some Halo Top ice cream once in a while, what can I say?

The good news is, being healthy doesn’t mean you have to workout 7 days a week & can’t have foods you crave.

Being healthy is a LIFE LONG JOURNEY.

Seriously- the best things in life DO NOT happen quickly.

Being fit & healthy takes time, practice, effort, lots of support from the community you are in & personal confidence!

I have tried SO MANY different diets, fads and workouts to stay active and eat well & I am just now finding things that really work. It’s exhausting! I totally get why people give up easily.
I get soooo many questions everyday about the “right” foods to eat and how many days a week to workout.

The answer is YOURS. I can only give you information, you must decide what will work best in your life.
Today I am breaking down quite a lot of information that may help you along in your health journey.
I’m talking about:

⭐️ How Much Protein You Need To Maintain & Gain Muscle, 1:38

⭐️How To Speed up Your Metabolism, 3:04

⭐️ Workouts That Burn Fat & Help You Function On A Daily Basis, 5:18

⭐️ Supplements I use, 10:00

⭐️ How I Can Coach You Along Your Journey, 14:00

Sound good?

Take what you will from this post today. Don’t think you need to drop everything you are doing cold turkey and try and be perfect going forward because that is NOT something you will be able to maintain.

My goal here at GREENJUICEANDYOGAPANTS.COM is to help you achieve a healthy LIFESTYLE. 💚 This is no diet or fad- this is longterm wellness that I would love for you to enjoy fully.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns:

💚 Please comment below or email me at 💚


I’m off to go eat some Cookies & Cream Halo Top ice cream!! Happy Friday.





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