Excuses Are BULL! Functional Fitness From The Eyes Of One Of My Clients

I’m VERY passionate about what I do. I make sure that the content I’m sharing with people is valuable & I always insure whatever I spend my time doing is worth it & something I truly LOVE.

I teach my favorite kind of workouts: HIIT Functional Training at Fitness Evolution & I get to meet incredible people everyday that are trying to better themselves.

I enjoy being in this environment so much because I did NOT have motivating people around me for A LONG portion of my life.

Being in a gym gives me so much energy and life because of the people I get to train– they are all from such different walks of life and they all have their own personal “WHY” which gives me even more passion to help them pursue their goals.

No one who walks in the doors of a gym is there just to look good naked. There is SO MUCH MORE & that is what I strive to understand in all of my clients.

You’ve heard me brag about HIIT & Functional Training many times, but to hear it from one of the amazing people in my class is a whoooooole other view point!

One of my clients, Glenn Spillman, is AWESOME (everyone in my class is). Glenn writes for SportsInsiderOnline.com .

He recently dedicated a whole entire post about the classes I teach at Fitness Evolution & it just really made me so grateful for the people I get to work with everyday.

When I know that some of the things I share inspire people to do better, I KNOW I am in the right place and doing the right thing- Ah my passion is paying off!



I wanted to share with you what Glenn had to say because it’s pretty freaking AMAZING.


“When it comes to most people and fitness, what is the single most reason why they don’t either start, or finish a program? Well, there are literally a hundred things that “keep” people from a fitness regime, but what do they all have in common? They are all EXCUSES!! I have heard them all, and to tell you the truth…just like the title of the article says, all Bull#%*!.

Last week I started a group boot camp style exercise program. I went, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Each time I went, I was sucking wind 10 minutes into an hour long routine, but did I quit? No I did not. I was freakin sore after the first workout, but I went back the following day. I could have easily used a plethora of excuses as to why I shouldn’t return, but I didn’t. You see, when people make excuses, they are just setting themselves up to fail, not only in life, but for their health as well. It’s easy to make an excuse, but then one day turns into two, then a week, then a month, then before you know it, the new year rolls around and you are making the same stupid resolutions. These are resolutions that people what?…..oh yeah…make freakin excuses as to why they can’t finish them. Well, I made no freakin excuses last week, and guess what? I lost five pounds! I kept doing the classes, but most of all, I completely changed my eating habits for the better. I went back to class today and it was just slightly easier in some cases and harder in others, but I kept pushing through. Hell, you can’t quit when you have a coach like Amanda Weitzel screaming at you, “don’t quit,” “Just 20 more seconds.” etc.

Amanda doesn’t allow excuses in her group boot camp style class. If you can’t do a certain exercise, she will modify it for you. If you are to tired to go on, she will give you the encouragement to push that extra few seconds. Once class “torture” (just kidding) is done, we stretch for about 10 minutes or so, get our heart rate down, and at the end of it all, Coach Amanda gives us a mantra to use throughout the rest of our day. At the end of todays class, the title of this article was inspired by something coach Amanda said.

You see, when you make excuses for not exercising, you are just slowly killing yourself, with mentally and physically. Exercise isn’t all about meatheads in the gym, screaming and throwing around weights. Coach Amanda’s exercise class is all about heart health, mental health, and over all body health. She does in fact take you through a gauntlet of exercises, and each day is different. But, at the end of the class, you have more clarity about why excuses are the bile that seeps through your brain caverns; and how they can ruin your life. Riddle me this my friends…….do you make an excuse not to eat that cake, not to have that next beer, not to go to McDonalds and order a 10 piece Nugget and two Big Macs? (Yes Patrick I am talking to you). Do you make an excuse not to take that free delicious cookie at Starbuck when they are walking around handing them out like crack? NO YOU DON”T! You don’t even give it a second thought, you just do it. Well, if you put as much effort in giving yourself reasons to exercise rather than giving yourself excuses not to, then your life will be better off.

I encourage everyone to go to greenjuiceandyogapants.com and check out coach Amanda’s site. She has fit tips on there, nutrition advice, and several other subject matters that I feel you would find very interesting. The other day she mentioned how just one beer stays in your liver for a full 24 hours. Something you beer lovers didn’t think about now did you? I will actually be doing an article on that very subject next week.

It has only been one week and I went from 257 to 252 and I feel great. I don’t have to suck in my stomach when I bend over to tie my shoes. I feel better about myself, and what validates it is when the barista at Starbucks said to me today, “hey, have you lost weight?” Yes…when someone that has absolutely nothing to gain by saying that, asks me that question, I feel like a million bucks. Ask yourself this question…..are excuses worth your health, are excuses worth dying ten years earlier, and are excuses worth being depressed because of the way you look and feel. Last thing I want you all to ponder…….what will you look like a year from now when you gained 25 pounds of FAT!? Well, if you keep eating like crap and making those bull#%*! excuses, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Just a half a pound of fat per week is 25 pounds in a year. Now, flip that around….what will you look like a year from now when you have lost 25 pounds?

Quit with the excuses people and get your arse into an exercise group. If you can’t make it to coach Amanda’s class, then find somewhere that you can. Don’t be full of bull#%*!….get rid of those excuses!!”



UMMMMM- Isn’t he COOL?

It’s so amazing to be around such passionate people.

Check out his site here.

If you are interested in joining our Functional Fitness Family, it’s FREE to try & only $5 to join this THURSDAY 8/17.

 Talk soon.




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