Passion: What does it really mean to be passionate about something?

Chances are either you or someone you know is extremely PASSIONATE about something.

I’m sure you or that person have said something like, “I’ve found my passion” or “I’m so passionate about  ________”.


What does it really mean to be passionate about something?

Or what does it feel like?

What if you haven’t found your passion yet? 

How do you find your passion?

Let’s get into it.

I feel very inspired to write about this because of a recent conversation I had.

One of my clients asked me, “When did you get so involved in fitness?”. For whatever reason this question kind of threw me off. Like I STILL to this day don’t think I am all that into fitness. I feel as though I still have so much education, practice & life to live to really be all in. Does that make sense?

Anyways, as I was telling my client how I got involved into becoming a nutritionist and personal trainer I realized that I kind of AM all about fitness. I am making a career out of fitness and loving every minute of it, I love helping others feel like the best version of themselves, I love waking up early to go train & I love talking about nutrition to people who have no idea where to start when it comes to eating healthy.

So am I passionate about what I do?


You know you’re passionate when what you do doesn’t feel like work. 

I knew something in the health field was going to be my thing when I was sitting in my nutrition and health classes (which by-the-way please note that school is NOT my thing- I absolutely despise it) and hanging off the edge of my seat because I couldn’t get ENOUGH information, I love learning about the body and the way that foods effect us. 

If you are passionate about something you HAVE to know exactly what I’m talking about- even if nutrition isn’t your thing- passion is universal.

Now if you haven’t found your passion, you probably think I am a crazy person who is happy all of the time 24-7…Not true.

Just because you love what you do doesn’t mean you don’t have to deal with other PEOPLE anymore & there you go, no explanation needed there. HA. 

Ahh , but really, if only we could control others, right?

Which brings me to a question to the people who haven’t found their passion: what is stopping you from finding your passion?

Are you working in a job you hate just for the money? Are you doing something you don’t feel comfortable doing because of the pressure from your family & friends? Do you just simply NOT KNOW what you like?

Guess what? Friends, peers & family are going to judge you no matter what (maybe not even in a bad way) so do what it is you want. This is YOUR life. The opportunity that comes flying in your life the moment you say YES to the life you want to live is a beautiful thing you MUST experience.

Once you stop caring what everyone else thinks and tune in on YOU only, guess what, your passion can expose itself- HELLOOOOO PASSION.

You have to be in a space of complete self awareness in order to figure out your passion or your “thing”, which means you can’t think about anyone elses opinion- it will throw you completely off track.

Stay in your own lane & figure out how you were born to stand out.

Everyone is meant to be passionate about something, I truly believe if we all had found our passion and did what we loved all day long we would be living in a much healthier, happier & loving world…ya know? Frolicking around singing together…? Definitley not crashing cars through crowds of people.

So I guess what I’m saying is


We need more passionate people. Why not you?










2 thoughts on “Passion: What does it really mean to be passionate about something?

  1. Dukez says:

    I’m not really sure how I came upon this well thru I.g but anyways this shit just hit home for me I make positive hip hop music and work all these shitty jobs like fast food and temp things which takes me away from who I wanna be it’s nice to read eye opening things once in awhile and that family n friends judging you but it’s your life is the best part for me it’s my life my say my day I love it imma make a song outta this thanks for exerting passion into this cold world


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