Are You Recovering Properly After You Work Out? Well, Ya need to. Here’s Why:

Recovery is KEY.

Really though, if you are going to put in all this work at the gym & not RECOVER properly you might as well just not go at all. Extreme? Probably, but it’s what I believe.

So what is recovery & why does it matter so much?

Recovery is how you are taking care of yourself after you work out.

Many people think that when the hard work is done they have nothing else to worry about…La ti Daaaa

UM, NO !

It’s so important to take care of your body properly, especially after working out, running, lifting or any sort of activity you do to get your body moving.


Think about it, our body needs FUEL all the time, so when we lift weights, run, or move around a ton our body starts to break down itself (muscles) so that they can rebuild stronger. In order to rebuild we must give our body the extra fuel it needs to build properly.

Notice I said extra? That means you need extra calories (PROTEIN) after a workout. Preferably in a DRINKABLE form. Having your post workout shake is VITAL!

Food takes nearly hours to completely process that by the time you eat, digest, metabolize and send the food where it needs to go your muscles have already been rebuilding for hours at that point.

Drinking your post workout meal is superior because it’s quicker than eating- it’s immediately sent into the blood stream/muscles where it needs to be.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to workout without my post workout shake.

Recovery doesn’t end there- WE NEED GOOD SLEEP AS WELL.

Shoot for 8 hours of good Zzz’s a night.

If you don’t get enough sleep your stress levels will be off the charts. Stress is the WORST thing for you health, stress can actually even cause WEIGHT GAIN. Ewwww.

Here are some tips to help you sleep:

  1.  Work out at night – it actually DOESN’T disrupt sleep as much as what once was thought according to Kelly G Baron, PhD (a sleep expert). Research shows that those who workout regularly get better sleep than those who don’t — so don’t skip the gym just because it’s “too late”, it can actually HELP you sleep!!
  2. Consume your MAGNESIUM. Not getting enough magnesium from your diet can lead to anxiety and insomnia (according to the USDA research) !!! Magnesium rich foods: almonds, spinach, soy milk & black beans. I also love this tea because it’s full of magnesium and puts you right to sleep or else I use supplements like Relax now & Sleep now , these products have magnesium and melatonin setting me up for the greatest sleep of my life!!
  3. Stop tracking your sleep. Talk about stressful!! Putting pressure on yourself to go to bed at a certain time is already bad & then waking up to see on your tracker you only had 5 hours of solid sleep is setting you up for failure. Forcing yourself to sleep isn’t always a good idea, that can actually just lead to insomnia! Do what works for you and gets you relaxed. Whether that be on your phone (light dimmed of course to prevent exposure to blue light which can ruin your sleep), reading a book, or watching Netflix on the couch– do what works for you.

Getting 6-8 hours of sleep a night can lower tension levels and help you drop pounds while poor sleep can raise your stress levels and make you crave bad food.


The last good tip for RECOVERING is to stretch & foam roll!

I just wrote a full post on my stretching routine and why it’s soooo important so go look here & I wont bore you again with the same details.

Another thing I LOVE to do when recovering my sore muscles is to hit a YOGA class.

Yoga poses are strategically created to better posture, stretch out your body while activating all muscles, improve digestion and even mood!

I always walk out of a yoga class feeling so refreshed and ALIVE (hellloooo endorphins).

Yoga does wonders for my mood, I can go in feeling ughhhh and know I will always leave a class feeling much more myself and grateful for everything in my life. You just HAVE to try.

I go to CorePower yoga in Fair Oaks- if you are in the area you must go try Niki M’s class, I interviewed her here, she’s so darling and will make you feel completely refreshed every time.

 -Yoga essentials: Mat, comfortable clothes (no shoes necessary) & a HUGE jug of water –

I found some awesome mats through this site because they are all about helping you find ECO friendly mats that are comfortable, durable & a good price- there is nothing worse than having a yoga mat fall apart on you in the first month (trust me- from experience) !!

It’s SO important that you RECOVER properly. It’s easy to not see any results if you aren’t recovering like you should.

Your work isn’t done after you hit the gym. There is so much more that goes into living a healthy lifestyle- please take care of yourself.


Snapchat UN: haileyadnama

Talk to you guys soon,

I’m off to take a yoga class with Niki!



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