God Talks To Me & Wants Me To Tell You… [A New Series?]

I haven’t opened up about my faith life too much here on my blog & I’m starting to feel more & more called to do so.

I believe your mental strength is a HUGE part of fitness so I feel this fits VERY well.

I have mentioned that last year in October, I traveled to Medjugorje (if you haven’t read that post, click here, & then come back), there I learned SO MUCH about my religion, history of Jesus & the importance of being aware of Heaven & Hell. I truly started to fall in love with Jesus & my faith.

Since then I have SLOWLY made huge changes in my life- maybe that’s really why I haven’t brought up my faith life too much- because I’M STILL FIGURING IT OUT.

 I don’t ever want to be a hypocrite or make anyone reading my posts feel like I’m better than them because that is NOT what I’m trying to do.

So just know I’m slowly figuring it out. My whole life I have been Catholic, but just recently I’ve REALLY been a Catholic- if that makes sense.

When I got back from my pilgrimage (August 2016) I walked across the street (yep at the time I lived ACROSS THE STREET FROM CHURCH AND NEVER EVER WENT) & went right into the office to get some information on how I can volunteer or become involved/work with the church.

The exact time I walked into the office was the exact time the Youth Ministry was having a meeting about the upcoming year & long story short , they invited me on the team immediately (Gods timing is incredible). I knew in that moment that God has HUGE plans for me, I just have to take a little bit of action & invite him in.

I honestly did this for ME, I wanted to make sure when I got back from my pilgramage I didn’t go right back to exactly how I was living, I started to live my life differently and seek God’s plan for me just a little bit each and every day.

Since then, his plan for me is becoming stronger and stronger, sometimes I can barely take it (in a good way)! I FEEL myself being pulled in directions I never imagined, it’s weird because I CAN’T EVEN HELP IT. I’ve tried to resist it at times and I immediately get down on myself and feel guilt and depression almost.

It has been the hardest yet most rewarding journey since August 2016- I’ve managed to meet incredible people who lead me closer to Jesus almost everyday (hi Angels), I have been able to help many friends & family come to know God’s love as well & I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone to get closer to my faith.

If I told you it was easy, I would be a LIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAR.

If I told you that I NEVER do anything wrong or sinful I would be an even BIGGER liar.

I just know one thing,

I feel God’s love everyday & see miracles which keeps going,

it keeps me strong

& it’s calling me to do something much bigger than my earthly life. The beautiful part about it is, I don’t even KNOW what it is yet & that’s OKAY.

Anxiety happens when you think you have to figure everything out.

Turn to God. He has a plan.

Thank you to Divine Savior Youth Ministry, for inviting me into your community and letting me share my own take on sharing God’s love & mercy!

The Divine Savior Youth Group & ministry recently traveled to the bay area and spent the weekend at a Steubenville conference, please take a look at the video I made if you’d like to feel inspired by the graces that surround us on a day-to-day basis!

Let me know if you like this new series, going to be talking about my faith life MUCH more here & hope to have your support.

Please reach out to me if you have been struggling with your own life & faith, God is in all of our lives whether you know it or not. xx

Love to you,



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