Feed The Soul ~ Feel Good Remedies

Hello, hello.

CRAZY to me that we are finally into FALL.

I’m soo looking forward to cooler weather and the holidays.

I’ve basically started each morning this week with my pumpkin flavored shake just to celebrate OCTOBER (I know, I know #BASICWITCH)!

So far this year has been AMAZING. I became so passionate about health & fitness everyday (inspired by this very blog) that I started working at a gym & a nutrition club- which in return I have been able to provide more & more value to YOU!!

Once you start to focus on what you are really passionate about & what matters most all the B.S vanishes and you become LAZER FOCUSED. If you’d like me to go more in detail on this let me know because I have QUITE the stories to share!!

OK, ok , ok now getting into the post – the real reason why you are here ;).


Today I wanted to share something a little different.

We take care of the body by the foods we eat & the exercise we choose , let us not forget about our SOUL.

We have to take care of the SOUL too!

Soul, in & out of context, is already kind of confusing so let me clarify as best I can.

definition: the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.

To me, the SOUL, is how you feel at your CORE/being.
Things that feed my soul is church, prayer, family time, the feeling after a hardcore workout, helping someone in need, being kind & getting out of my comfort zone.
I heard a quote earlier, in a Gary Vee post, that said something like, “you are 100% going to die, that should cut out bullshit and determine how you are going to act & treat other people with the time you have”.
DING DING DING ~ that is advice for people who don’t know how to feed their soul.
If you feel STRESSED, UNHAPPY, ANGRY OR MEAN you are most likely treating the people in your life like this, just because you are feeling this way which is only making you feel WORSE at your core/soul.
Take a STEP back if you start to feel these things & ask are you worrying about small things that don’t matter too much and forgetting what feeds your soul?
I check myself like this CONSTANTLY. 

Here are just a few things that may feed your soul..


  • F A M I L Y T I M E

When is the last time you sat with your family and gave them your UNDIVIDED attention (no phone, no tv)? When’s the last time you gave your mom, dad, bro sis a HUGE hug and just let them know you care for them? When is the last time you had a good BELLY laugh with them? Family time FEEDS THE SOUL.

If you don’t live near them, maybe send them a heartfelt text or face time. Letting your family know you care goes a long way.




If you are a millennial (born after 1982) there is a HIGH chance you are ADDICTED to your phone. Like, FOR REAL, addicted. So TRUST ME when I tell you I understand your pain!! However, it is soooo important we cut ourselves off from lurking and scrolling for an hour at a time – WHAT A WASTE (and even you Grandma, I know you are reading this, take a break from the facebook WALL)!!

Unless you are working/making money online or creating a business for yourself take a break from that life sucking screen and spend time doing something that feeds your soul!


Ahh, nothing feels better to me than spending time with my closest feel good friends (Feel good friends are people who are nice, drama free & good energies)! It doesn’t matter what you guys do or if you are outside or inside.

I prefer to laugh really hard and eat good food with my favorite people and it feeds my soul for WEEKS! My last feel good GIRLS NIGHT, my two good friends and I got together and made Frozé, pizza & had dark chocolate covered nuts! YUM. Frozé recipe was completely inspired by Lauryn Evarts – see here – ! YUM.

Dairy free pizza, veggie fries & FROZÉ (hayyyy)

All I am saying is to FEED YOUR SOUL.

Remember to enjoy the moments as they come & work on being the best YOU possible right then and there because that is PEACE.



So what is the last thing you did to feed your soul?

Let me know in the comments below. ❤





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