We Are Actually Living In The Most Holy Time & Here’s Why:


This is still all so crazy to me, the fact that I feel the need to be SO open about my faith here, because a year ago you wouldn’t even know that I went to church on the regular and felt this way, I guess you could say I was still figuring everything out…

Today the goodness and love I feel is too strong not to share with you & moving mountains in my own life. So if I can share any part of my faith journey with you & you feel inspired by it I will be entirely fulfilled.

As some of you may know, I am a youth minister at my local church & it makes my life COMPLETE. I love to hangout with younger kids who are still in their “figuring-it-out-stage” & I also LOVE sharing my own life experiences and love for God to show these yougin’s that life is really not all that hard especially with FAITH & kindness in your heart.

Over the weekend I gave a talk about something I am VERY passionate about: my pilgrimage to Medjugorje. I went to Medjugorje in July of 2016 & my life was drastically changed- since then I have felt a huge urge to share my story and live my life for JESUS! I have also become healthier and happier in this time than I have ever been in my life.

Before I go on, take a look at my PROCLAIM here in the video below (if you haven’t read my post about my experience in Medjugorje maybe read THIS post first, then come back) :

Crazy, right?

I get not everyone may understand this 100% so if you have questions PLEASE ASK ME!

I just know that I have experienced some CRAZYYYY SHIZ and I feel the urge to share in such an intense time in the world.

I just feel like there is so much EVIL in our world and it is talked about on the DAILY!! Why are we not talking about the HOLINESS?

I’m just over it, I am over society shoving the evil down our throats & I’m speaking up about the HOLINESS that is going on.

The fact that we are having HUGE miracles going on every single day is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!

If you feel a gaping hole in your life, all I’m saying is you may just be missing one this: LOVE. Love from the almighty. I promise you: NOTHING is more fulfilling that the love of God & what he can do for you & your life if you stay open.

If you have been looking for a SIGN in order to believe, consider it this, because I know God’s timing is perfect and he has placed your beautiful eyeballs here on this post at this perfect time because he LOVES you so much and needs you on his side.

I’m a huge believer that life is all about CHOICES. Choices are among us all day everyday and they are typically GOOD OR BAD. It really just all boils down to choices, positive and negative, good and bad, EVIL & HOLINESS.

REFUSE to get sucked into the BS and remember there is love & light inside of you DYING to come out and live your TRUE / authentic self.


The following is Our Lady of Medjugorje’s October 2, 2017 monthly message on the day for nonbelievers through Mirjana :


*Mirjana having an apparition with the blessed Mother*

“Dear children, I am speaking to you as a mother – with simple words, but words filled with much love and concern for my children who, through my Son, are entrusted to me. And my Son, who is of the eternal now, He is speaking to you with words of life and is sowing love in open hearts. Therefore, I am imploring you, apostles of my love, have open hearts always ready for mercy and forgiveness. According to my Son, always forgive your neighbors, because in that way peace will be in you. My children, care for your soul, because it alone is what truly belongs to you. You are forgetting the importance of family. A family does not need to be a place of suffering and pain, but a place of understanding and tenderness. Families who strive to live according to my Son live in mutual love. While He was still little, my Son would say to me that all people are His brothers. Therefore, remember, apostles of my love, that all people whom you meet are family to you – brothers according to my Son. My children, do not waste time thinking about the future, worrying. May your only concern be how to live well every moment according to my Son. And there it is – peace for you! My children, do not ever forget to pray for your shepherds. Pray that they can accept all people as their children; that, according to my Son, they may be spiritual fathers to them. Thank you!”


“We are in a time of not so much needing to reflect on the past, but rather to reflect on the future that is heading our way like a freight train”.


You Are Loved.


For more info on Medjugorje (like what in the world is this place!!!!??) & the pilgrimage group I went with + all of the recent messages click here


Thank you soooo much for reading!!!!!





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