Just a few of my favorite things… WHAT’S NEW | FITNESS FAVORITES | TIPS

Hey, Hiii, Heller.

Hooooooly moly!!

It has been too long since I have just SAT down to write something.

Actually, that’s a lie. I have been writing- just in a good ol’ fashioned note-book, not the computer. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and soul searching. 

There have been SOO many recent changes in my life so it has taken me on a complete whirlwind & I have been settling into my new routines, however, I AM BACK IN ACTION BABY.

Sometimes you have to just ride the waves of life… the ups and the downs will get you stuck for a minute but it’s all about how ya keep swimming towards your goals that separates you from the rest. Right? 😉

Ok ok, enough of the quoting & more of the TIPS- the reason why YOUR pretty face is here on this screen!!!

I’m just going to fill you in on a little bit of everything.


My recent fitness routine, nutrition plan & extra fit tips, letting you know what is REALLY working for me and what is REALLY not working for me in these last months.


Let’s start with FITNESS REGIME. Yum.

So I recently got down to the nitty-gritty on WHY I workout. I feel like everything you do needs a really good WHY in order to keep you going. Like, WHYYY it is you do what you do. Agree?

I workout because my mood completely changes. I can be in the WORST most tired, grimy, sad, annoyed & mad mood and then workout and be a brand NEW happy and energized person. I’m just being REAL, my mood can SUCK a lot of the times. I’m not sure why my mood can suck so bad but it gets really bad sometimes. The ONLY thing I have found that really helps is chocolate (HAHA CAN’T HAVE THAT ALL THE TIME) & then getting exercise in. Any sort of exercise or movement does the trick. I can do an at home workout, yoga, Pilates, walk with the dog or a hardcore gym workout and have the same FEEL GOOD effect. It’s INCREDIBLE. Ok, so that is my WHY.

Now what is it I’m LOVING lately?

QUICK (25-45 MINS)







I like quick 30 minute workouts because YOU DON’T NEED ANYMORE. I take little to NO rest and go as hard as I can. I don’t know, I guess I find MAJOR peace when I push myself so hard that everything going on in my life & around me FREEZES and mutes, then absolutely nothing else matters except what i’m doing in that moment. BLISSSSSSSS. I strive for that ecstasy in every single workout!

30 minutes works for me. Don’t get me wrong, I can totally be in the gym longer but I just DON’T have time these days.

The truth is, you can get an insanely great workout in an hour or less anyways, just be mindful of how you spend your time (good form, mind-muscle connection & telling yourself YOU CAN instead letting the negative voice win).

I train full-time at Fitness Evolution and all we practice is High Intensity Interval Training with FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS.

HIIT is working station-to-station /or workout-to-workout back-to-back for a period of time. Functional training works all the functional movement patters (vertical & horizontal pressing, dead lifting/hip-hinge, core & more) that helps with balance, agility, power, stamina, endurance, strength, flexibility, accuracy & coordination. Basically before this style training I could barely catch ANYTHING that was thrown at me and now I even surprise myself when I can easily catch something someone tosses at me. Also I can RUN better!! That’s right, I never step foot on a treadmill while training & I can now do 3 miles with ease as a WARM UP. Functional training SAVED me- it saves my form (my form has never looked better), it saves me time (only 25-45 minutes and gets the job DONE every time) & it saves my functionality as a HUMAN- I just feel GOOD.

*I will be making a video of my favorite workouts soon so stay tuned!!*



This is where I get a little mooore passionate. Good nutrition is everything.

You can not out work a bad diet.

Does that make sense?!

What you eat is what you AREEEEE.

Suffer from acne? Bloated all the time? Tired all day? Negative 24-7? Feeling YUCKY? Well take note of what you eat. What’s it made of? Is it fake? Is it full of nutrients? What is your FOOD doing for you? Is it full of complex carbs & the right amount? Is it high in protein so your body can rebuild itself? Do you have enough healthy fat & fiber? Do you have enough vitamins? Do you drink enough water? Like the list goes onnnnnnnnnnn & it’s all SO SO dang important!!

This is why I think having a COACH is so important. Someone who does all this work for you & also keeps tabs on you till you get it down, so efficient right? Like please & thank you! Shout out to my coach which you can read all about here (how I found her, what I’m doing & how you can do it too). 

I’m all about SIMPLE, so my routine includes meal replacement shakes (plant-based & super tasty), 3-second snacks, lot’s of tea instead of coffee (yes that’s right I have found something BETTER than coffee), gallon of H20 & PERFECT MEALS (complex carbs, veggies & lean protein). Not going to lie, lately I have been really into microwaveable veggies and rice because ya gotta do what ya gotta do!




As if there is not enough new changes I added a little puppy to the mix. Yeah, a flippin’ PUPPY. That is another blog post in itself so i’ll keep it short & sweet. I have an Italian Greyhound and he is more energetic than I am. Yiiikes.

His name is Rocco & he is a sweetie pie. He loves to chew on sweaty socks & to snuggle in a sea of blankets.

FYI- this breed is insanely hyper, which means in order for him to behave I have to take him to get soooo much exercise.

I actually really want to get him involved in agility races, thoughts??

Rocco has OPENED my eyes to how important it is to get my STEPS in. I used to never think about getting steps in & after doing so my life is so much better!!

I’ve been using the health app on my iPhone (which everyone has who has an iPhone) to count my steps. I shoot for 10,000 steps a day now which is about 4 miles. WOW. Life changing. Not only is Rocco super tired & happy after our walks but I also feel CRAZY GOOD. At first I was even SORE, so I know how beneficial it is to just move around (why did I not think about this before?😭).

I love an excuse to get outside and taking my pup is the PERFECT one. Who else is into long walks with the pup?!



I’m glad I got to catch up with you. I will definitely be going more in-depth with all of these tips & my routine, 

for now I just wanted to just recap everything because It’s been a minute. ❤️❤️

Ta-ta for now.

Off now snuggle the pooch and drink some CALM tea. I’m up at about 4:45am to teach the morning classes.

Follow me on instagram stories to see it all.

@greenjuiceandyogapants 💚







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