What is being faithful?

Faith. Church. God. Jesus. Prayer.

When you hear those words to you feel a little out-of-place, confused or maybe feel nothing at all?

If so, perfect, this post might just be for you.

By NO means am I some sort of SAINT or Jesus-know-it-all that is writing this post so you will convert yourself.


I just want to share my own personal testimony & show how faithfulness and knowing God does not have to be so weird & unknown after all and how it makes me feel.

If you feel like something is missing or lacking in your life there is a huge chance it’s LOVE.

I have felt a lack for a LONG time. I always felt like I needed something or someONE to fill it, and usually I would run to a boyfriend.

The boyfriend helped a lot. Till things would go wrong, then I would feel so LOST & ALONE and like I had NOTHING else.

Everyone just wants to be loved. We really do. I feel like all the hate we see in the world just stems from people who have such a LACK of love in their life. Maybe their parents died at a young age or their bf or gf treated them terribly- that lack of love leaves a GAPING hole that is almost never filled the same.

My parents have not been in my life since I was 12 years old and that has left me with a GAPING hole. Till I found LOVE to fill that void in myself.

Here’s the crazy thing though- we are all LOVED. We are loved so much by Jesus!


I know this is the part where some people might click out of here and think “ok yea Jesus loves me- i’m sure” or maybe this just hearing this makes you downright UNCOMFORTABLE, I get it! NOTHING is ever 100% comfortable at first so give this a chance , ok?

2017 years ago a man named JESUS came to earth through a VIRGIN named Mary (and if you haven’t read up on my LOVE for Mary please do // click here), he performed insane miracles that are simply unexplainable & he died in the most gruesome and sad way at only 30 years old for our SINS.

Why in the HECK did he do this?

To wake our asses up!

Jesus came to show us why we are HERE on earth and what awaits us.

I know that YOU have been through some stuff in your life and some of it has HURT, me too.

I know that life doesn’t always make sense and can sometimes feel so lonely and dark, TRUST ME I’M GOING THROUGH IT.

I KNOW you are dying to feel a real love.

The love from God cannot come from a boyfriend, it cannot come from your family or friends.

The love of God comes from within you, you have to search for it or ask for it, if you will.

Once you ask for this love you may become FLOODED with love & happiness.

It might happen instantly or it might happen in a series of events that come into your life.

Once you feel God’s love your PURPOSE in life becomes clear , the junk clouding your thoughts and environment will not be attractive to you anymore. Your life becomes INVIGORATED with LOVE, LIGHT & TRUE PURPOSE when you ask for more of it.

Once you feel this love, life just isn’t confusing anymore, things that used to stress me out don’t mean a thing.

Boredom becomes a time to sit in prayer and meditation rather than becoming antsy and uncomfortable.

I’m now THANKFUL for hardships in my life because they have PURPOSE and meaning which will make me stronger and move me along my path in life.

With God I feel like a STRONG woman with a MAD purpose in life.

Without God, I’m constantly relying on other things to fill my love and purpose which always let me down.

Figure out YOU are in charge of everything that happens to you, YOU create your happiness, YOU determine your future, YOU make the calls & YOU have everything you need RIGHT inside of you.

How I started? I just sat down and said a prayer.

How to do that?

Close your eyes,


Ask God, with all your heart,


& say whatever else is on your mind.

You wont be sorry. ❤





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