Greetings love bugs!


Here I am, writing from my cozy grandparents home in Carmel Valley, with Rocco (my adorable Italian Greyhound pup) nestled between my legs & sipping a hot cup of tea that is ROCKING MY WORLD. Ahh, I’m really LOVING this whole situation and since I have arrived into town on Thursday (Thanksgiving) I have been trying to enjoy every moment of being here with my family and friends.

This trip has been ONE-OF-A-KIND.

I had an awesome Thanksgiving dinner with my most loved family followed by a Friday full of beach fun! When it comes to vacation, YES, spending time with the family is a priority. I STILL though need to have some self-care time & for me that is breaking a sweat.

Heading to the gym in a different place is just too much of a hassle for me when I only have 40 minutes of free time, ya feel me? It takes me way too long to check in (sometimes I have to even pay, eww) & become situated and familiarized with the equipment. I thought, “I’m in CARMEL, hanging out at the beach so I’m going to utilize the sand as my one piece of equipment and get an incredible workout in!!” Let me just tell you, WOW, my buns are still burning and just thinking about that workout makes me happy- it was SO fun & only took maybe 20 minutes.

I’m pretty infamous for working out where ever I can. Getting my heart rate up works my mood in a way no amount of caffeine ever could. I know that if I am everrrr in a funk I just need a good pump & like magic I’m a new woman. Anyone else?

During this beach workout I only did 5 different movements for one round and was dying. The reason I got in such a good workout so quickly is because I ended with UPHILL sprints in the sand. Because of the uphill sprints it really boosted my workout to one of the hardest I’ve ever done. When I saw the sandy hills I knew I had to conquer them. The best part? My puppy did it with me *cue happy tears* (If you don’t have an uphill area I would just do regular sprints in the dry sandy part of the beach so it is more difficult)!

So let’s break this down a bit:

💪First exercise :


TILL FAILUE (such an awesome warm up)

Make sure you bring yourself all the way down to the ground or sand and explode up!



NO girl push ups here, instead lower your body all the way down to the floor from plank position (elbows pointing down) & then bring your body all the way up starting with your upper body & then picking your legs up last. This style of modified push ups will train you to do an actual push-up.



These are intense. Make sure you keep your hips low, core tight & squeeze your obliques down as you move your knee to elbow. You can also just do these stationary as an Ab exercise (standing or in plank) you’ll just get more cardio when you move around.



This was a new exercise for me and I ended up really loving it! It’s a great move to get some core work and leg work while also getting a ton of cardio in. Stay super low in your plank, shoulder blades out, suck your belly button in to activate your core and then JUMP into a low squat hold. Fun, right?



Just important to make sure your front knee doesn’t come over your ankle!! You can also just shuffle hop here if a complete jump is a bit too much for ya.



Now this one is a kicker if you really want a challenge. This exercise is ADVANCED, VERY VERY TOUGH yet sooooooooo effective. Sprints alone are an insane fat burning move , add SAND & a HILL into the mix and you have yourself a very intense workout that will have you begging yourself for mercy. CAUTION.

So let me know if you try this and how it goes!

Off to drink more tea & snuggle the pup- I’m in need of 13438753829749283901 hours of sleep.



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