Say HELLO to your best self with the January 30 day challenge!

Happy new year babes!

The theme of 2018 for GREENJUICEANDYOGAPANTS  is NO TIME FOR bullshit.

I need REAL.

Ya feel me?

Like, let’s leave all of the crap weighing us down in 2017 and move into our BEST selves, lives, bodies, health & attitudes.

Time is running out to be anything other than exactly who you WANT to be, where you want to be & WITH who you want to be with.

I’m not talking new year, new me. YAWN.

I’m talking ENOUGH with the excuses, enough wasting energy on people and things that are out of your control & enough with the facade that things are to be perfect all the time.

To say BUH-BYE to the excuses i’m hosting a 30-day challenge. It begins January 1st and ends January 31st.

This challenge is about giving yourself the best in everyway. I want to challenge you to eat good food, eat often, exercise regularly, listen to personal development, think positive about yourself & find ways to enjoy the process of becoming healthy and happy.

Just 30 days. Everything you got.

If you do this, there’s 99.9999999999999% chance you will never want to go back to any other way of living.

This is EXACTLY how I want to start 2018 (yeah you bet your bottom i’m doing this challenge too) & I really want to do it with YOU.

I’m setting the intention now, that 2018 will be super powerful! A year of being very real about how I want my life to be and focusing on only the things that are helping me rather than hurting me.

What you focus on comes to be.

So let’s focus on the BEST version of US.

Are you in?


Challenge details:

  • Jan 1st-31st / Deadline to join is January 7th
  • $20 to join
  • OR $40 to join and recieve a 3-day trial of my favorite meal replacement shakes & vitamins that help boost metabolism and give amazing energy
  • Comes with meal guide, snack guide, grocery guide, workouts & 24-7 chat with me
  • Access to secret Facebook group with tons of tips and support
  • 4 winners will recieve $500 cash



I’m going to be making blog posts FREQUENTLY for those in the challenge- supportive, motivational, informative & fitness related posts to keep everyone movin’ and pumped up. So keep an eye out for those!!

I’m doing this challenge with you so this is just as exciting for me!!

I’m stoked to see your end result and can’t wait to help you get there.

COMMENT BELOW “I’M READY” if you want to join.



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