The Ultimate Cleanse πŸ₯¦πŸ’š How I lost 8 lbs in 5 days, gained more energy & got rid of the “bloat” 🍴🍜

helllllooooooo again!

I’m alive and better than ever fresh from my 7 dayΒ 5 day cleanse (ya I could only last 5 days, sue me).

That’s right you guys, 5 whole days of NOTHING but veggie soup.

WAIIIIIT, let me back up! There is tons of science behind this cleanse and you can definitely eat more than soup… actually a lot more than soup and that’s exactly why I loved this cleanse so much.

Before you go hating on a cleanse let me be the first to say I am typically NOT a cleanse person. I think the juice cleanses are retarted and I have the hardest time going on a fast because quite simply I FUCKING LOVE FOOD.

However, when done correctly and when you find a cleanse you can handle your body will THANK YOU! Cleanses sweep out all the sick cells (yes we have sick cells that die when they aren’t fed the sick foods) so cleanses really give you a RESTART and leave you feeling completely renewed, more energy & typically quite a few pounds lighter.

After these 5 days you guys, I WAS 8 LBS LIGHTER & 0 bloating, absolutely 0 bloat.

I also forced my boyfriend to do this cleanse with me and he lost 12 lbs and is on a TOTAL health kick with me (hooooooooooray, happy gf).

Prior to this cleanse (and you know if you follow along on snapchat/insta stories) I was going out a lot, drinking alcohol & eating whatever I wanted JUST ON THE WEEKENDS. Yiiiikes. 2 months later, boom it all caught up to me- I had been feeling low energy and super bloated. Long story short, I needed a good cleanse.

How did I find this cleanse?

THANK GOD one of my bffs walked into the gym I worked at after I hadn’t seen her in a month and she look amazing, completely SHREDDED, I mean her muscles were popping and she just looked all around super lean. I basically forced her to tell me what she had been doing and she looks at me with a smile and says, “I’ve been drinking soup!”. Immediately I needed all the details and knew I was starting to drink this the very next day. Anyone else this intense? Lol.

That’s when she sent me THE CLEANSE.


this cleanse is “Sacred Heart Medical Diet

it’s used for overweight heart patients in order to use weight rapidly prior to surgery.

CRAZY. Obviously it works.

This soup BURNS FAT. Yes & yes & yes ! Anything that burns fat, right?

This cleanse is FAST which I love, it flushes your system of impurities & gives you a complete feeling of well being. I seriously feel INCREDIBLE!!

No alcohol, bread, carbonated drinks or fried foods.

Basically you eat nothing but soup, veggies & fruit for the first four days (complete diet is linked below).

I loved this cleanse and will probably be doing it every couple months (esp before I’m going to be in a bikini, ya feel?).

I loved, loved, loved the soup! Loaded with veggies and tons of flavor. I’m finished with the cleanse now and still eating the soup just because I love it so much. Eating all these veggies has changed my mood and digestive system so much that I found a whole new love for veggies thanks to this cleanse.


*Instead of MILK on day 4 I opted for my protein shakes to get the calcium + vitamins.

*I also had chicken breast instead of Beef.

Have you ever done a cleanse?

Tell me what you did & how you liked it- i’d love to hear your tips on the cleanse.




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