UPDATED * Skincare routine 2018 🍍😱


CRAZY that exactly a year ago I posted my skincare routine! I thought I would do an updated routine because at the moment I am unable to workout *big sigh*.

I am suffering from a 2nd degree burn after touching my leg for FAR too long on the pipe of a Harley Davidson… what a ride, eh?

So now that burn is infected and super gnarly so I am unable to really work on it too long which means no hard core workouts… wahh.

Well, instead of crying about it I decided to update you on my DAILY skincare routine and hop back on YOUTUBE. ♡

Not a crazy amount has changed since my last post, however enough has changed to make another video and post so I hope you enjoy!

The BIGGEST thing I can share about skin is it completely reflects the food you eat, how much exercise you get & the THOUGHTS you are thinking.

Fried food, fast food, fake food, alcohol, not enough water, no exercise are things that really effect our skins look.

Since I am always on the go and HATE too much makeup this look is very simple – think lots of BRONZER & glow. ♡

Grab your cup of your favorite tea and a snack because it’s a longer one.

Let me know what you think.




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