Change Your Life In 15 minutes – PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT


” You Think Thoughts & Creative A Vibration Reality That Will At Some Point Show Itself In Fullness”

Who doesn’t love to wake up & hear some inspo?

P E R S O N A L D E V E L O P M E N T 🧠💡

My life has drastically changed since I have started to really make the time to listen and read things that open my creativeness, positivity & confidence in my life.

This means books, podcasts, youtube, anything that I can listen, read or watch that inspires me to get up and get shit DONE.

I can say with listening to personal development everyday and not there is a HUGE difference.

There’s nothing worse, for me personally, than waking up and immediately flooding my mind with social media- consuming other peoples lives/problems/etc. I find that it really messes up my whole day- no exaggeration.

The biggest change for me when listening to Personal Development is my MOOD. As much as I hate to admit it, it’s super easy for me to get into a “funk” or a bad mood, I find it’s because I let other people affect me in a negative way (ya, hi i’m sensitive AF). However, when I listen to personal development specifically about letting things go, staying in my own lane and focusing on what makes ME happy I change into 100% a new Shmanders.

When I start my day with listening to personal development I notice I am sooo much stronger when it comes to not letting anything get in my way and getting everything I  need to done.

I also notice after listening to personal development I am MUCH more relaxed when it comes to letting things come and go in my life, I also notice I can go from a bad mood to a great mood VERY quickly, overflowing goodness!

So what’s my favorite PD to listen to?


I found a Law Of Attraction book by Gary & Esther Hicks a few years ago & fell in love. They preach all things staying in your own lane, focusing on your happiness & attracting the life you want.

If you have never read anything about Law Of Attraction I would definitely start with the book, “The Secret”. I love The Secret because it is a great introduction to creating your future- sometimes starting with anything else can be too much too quick.

I would list more of my favorites but I just want to highlight Abraham Hicks teachings because there is something for EVERYONE and ANYTHING.

I just youtube : Abraham Hicks (Letting things go) or (Attracting Money) or (Get Happy) and there is like 20 15 minute videos to listen to and change your life. LIKE HOW ELSE COULD YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN 15 MINS? It’s magic.

Whenever I listen to them I instantly hear EXACTLY what I needed to and feel 110% better about whatever it is i’m going through.

Being such a sensitive person by nature, I just really resonate with Abraham Hicks and their teaching- it’s pretty crazy to be honest so I want to share.

I love to listen in the car, while I cook, workout, clean or anything really. When I’m done listening I feel refreshed and even smarter if that makes sense?

You guys have to give them a listen and tell me what you think. Do you listen to Personal Development? What do you listen to or read? How does it help?




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