Heyyyyy there! 🙂

What’s up? What’s new? Tell me all the details!

I’m about to start cookin’ up some dinner for the BF & I using HELLO FRESH (if you don’t know- it’s fresh food delivered to your door ready to cook and insanely delicious recipes that make you never want to eat anything else ever again- i’m OBSESSED), I can probably do a WHOLE other blog post about it so let me know if you would like that.

Before I make the most delicious dinner I wanted to just stop in & catch up a bit.

It’s been about 2 months since I’ve quit my job at the gym to go full time in my own business so I’ve been just a LITTLE off the radar trying to figure out my schedule and things in the works, yet it feels SO good to be blogging, even if I am typing on my cell phone (so bare with me)!

I wanted to catch up with you on the things I’ve been working on so you can join me! ♥️


I’m trying to really focus on getting my clients results. I have a handful of ladies and gents who are buying Herbalife products through me so my main goal is to insure they are getting the BEST possible results they can. Some recent results? Let me share:

These results mean SO much to me. To get your own results is one thing, but to help others get personal results & feel better than ever is just something I will always be grateful to be able to feel and do on a daily basis.

These amazing humans have worked so hard to better themselves and have trusted ME to help them do so, I LOVE YOU ALL! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Aren’t they incredible?

It even gets better, some of these guys are getting such amazing results they decide to also sell the product with me and make some extra income of their own, thus creating one of the most amazing business opportunities around! I was actually just in San Francisco at Herbalife’s latest event and had the most AMAZING time. Have a look:

This SF trip was so dope! The company set me UP. I had all meals paid for, even was able to stop in at Aeysha Curry’s restaurant (OMG yum), danced my butt off at a soccer themed party with the whole team- just really couldn’t have been a better time. Best part? ANYONE can do this too. ♥️

SO, What else have I been up to?

I just launched 1-on-1 personal training as well! Working 1-on-1 has been so cool, I love getting to customize workouts for individuals and take results to the NEXT LEVEL. Working in group fitness for as long as I did helped me in so many ways- I LOVED IT. For now though, I’m loving focusing on 1-on-1 sessions and take my time with individuals, it’s tons of fun too!!

I’m also working on getting MYSELF, my friends & family the best possible results as well. Summer is here so that’s huge motivation for me to keep myself right & tight. 😉


If you are interested in customized meal guide, supplement advise, 1-on-1 training or anything else for that matter please reach out to me (comment, email, message, etc) & I’d love to help you out in whatever way I can.

You can also click HERE and it will take you to my nutrition website where you can click “wellness profile” to find out your PERSONALIZED macro nutrient & calorie goal + a suggested meal guide FOR FREE! 🙏🏼🙌

Now, excuse me while I go stuff my face with the freshest “healthy” burgers money can buy thanks to Hello Fresh. 🤤



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