Out of shape AF? Here’s how to not be:

It happens to the best of us, one month we are feeling ourselves the next month we aren’t. Right? Anyone? Just me?

At least this has happened to me an ABUNDANCE of times. Like I can’t even count on one hand how many times this has happened to me. Yo-yo-ey much?

I am an EXTREMEST, really. One month i’m balls to walls about something // someone // workouts // food // clothes // etc and the next month I can be completely OVER IT. Sorry? 😅

So this happened to me over working out😬 YIKES. I was SO into my workouts, 5 days a week, 1 hour each, eating healthy, having my shakes everyday yada yada yada and all of a sudden summer came around and I’m down to a few workouts a week and eating & drinking whatever I want… oooooooops. F@&k.

Here’s the thing though, I’m the type of person (and lemme know if you are too) that KNOWS my limits and will NEVER let myself go. Like EVER EVERRRRRR. I can have fun for a few months and put my workouts and diet regimen on the shelve for a bit but at my CORE I know what makes me happiest and healthiest and it’s ONE particular lifestyle.

So, long story short I can say I’m pretty out of shape right now. 😅 Plot twist though? I. LOVE. IT. Let me tell you why before you get any crazy ideas!! I loveeee being out of shape right now because I feel like i’m starting over. When I do workouts now i’m extremely sore the next day, workouts that wouldn’t even phase me 4 months ago. I feel like a NEW ME is being born, a new body actually if you will and i’m stoked about it.

So how am I getting my ass back in shape AND enjoying this process? Of course I break it down for you!!

  • Do what you can & be proud. I think too many people jump into hard core workouts right off the bat & they can barely finish them so they feel discouraged and give up. STOP THAT! Who starts a race by sprinting? Give yourself time to ease into it or back into it. Start with a 20-30 min at home full body workout with little to no weight for a few weeks (trust me you should be sore and feeling amazing if you do it right) and then move onto a fitness class if you feel comfortable enough. It’s so important to listen to your body and do what you can and then be PROUD over it like YES I just did that!! Soon enough, your body will get stronger and you can KILL a hard core workout with ease.
  • FOCUS ON EATING ! You can not out work a bad diet. So stay focused on what you are eating more than working out. Don’t forget to HYDRATE as well. Water is KEY!!! Make sure 80% of what you are consuming are from a list of healthy eats and only 20% is “unhealthy”.
  • Don’t Take Everything So Serious. Don’t make unrealistic goals for yourself. 5 workouts this week right away? Maybe not. Let’s start with 2-3 and celebrate with healthy eating all week rather than crash and burn right back to unhealthy habits.
  • Celebrate your wins & TAKE BEFORE PICS! I choose to stay away from the scale completely, it’s a total gimmick if you ask me. Your weight really has nothing to do with being healthy or not. Being healthy has everything to do with how YOU feel and how you think you look. I find that taking before pics are a much better way to see your progress and that is so special and deserves to be celebrated or even posted on the gram 😉.

Starting over or beginning is the HARDEST PART. The only way for all of this to work? Never give up. Consistent work is going to lead to the ultimate goal you have for yourself. The most important tip is to start very slow. GO EASY on yourself at first & make it fun.

I LOVE starting over. Being “out of shape” is not something to be ashamed of, as long as you want to start over again.




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