Moving UP! How I let things go that aren’t meant for me. πŸ™πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ’”πŸ™πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

This is something I’ve been wanting to talk about for a WHILE.


Wow. Where do I even start?!

I feel like so many women and even men have been in or are in similar situations as me and could get so much out of this post so I’m just going to share a few things that are SO important to hear.

As some may or may not know, I was in a relationship for a long time. Off and on off and on, I started dating him when I was 15 (BABY) and we were pretty much together since I was 22! Nothing bad to say ever about him of course, I was just personally STUCK. Excuse after excuse to stay in the relationship even though I knew in my heart we weren’t meant for eachother, for example, “we’ve been together so long now it’s forever, I love his family so much, we live together, we pay bills together, we’d be broken hearted, i’m comfortable, people will judge me, i’m scared to leave, what if i’m alone forever?” type of thing. Truth is, being with someone for so long & so young I was being morphed into someone I wasn’t meant to be. I felt uninspired, stuck & lonely. I felt lonely because I wouldn’t even hang out with my friends or family anymore because I was so stuck in a box with me and my partner.

Before you start thinking anything, this is NOT my exes fault at all. This is purely and example of two people not meant for each-other staying together too long & what happens to people in this situation.

I lost myself. I started to not care about me anymore. It was so bad that I knew it & THANK GOD I realized I had to move on.

So I did what I always do, I figured it out. I ended things with him, I moved out on my own and I most importantly DID WHAT I F&$KING WANTED & I didn’t care what anyone thought. I, for the first time in my life, did what I wanted.

Ending things was so hard. Remember that the devil WANTS you to be unhappy. There were thoughts in my head that made me feel like it was a mistake to let go, that I would never be happy on my own, LIES!

A few months later I had new experiences doing things I never would have let myself do before even if I WANTED TO, new friends, new jobs, new clothes I felt more confident in, and just a ton more little things that made me feel like ME. My life started to feel like mine. It’s sad that I even ever felt like my life wasn’t mine? That’s NOT okay.

I now know how important it is to NEVER EVER settle. Never. When something doesn’t feel 100% authentic to who I am, it’s not for me and I don’t really care, thanks but no thanks.

I stopped worrying about everyone else and started thinking about me. People make us believe when we are really young to not focus on “me time” and that being selfish is bad. HONEY, YOU COME FIRST. If your happiness is not there then there’s no way you can make anyone else happy.

This is just my story, I’ve been through tons of things that weren’t meant for me to find those that are BEYOND FUCKIN’ PERFECT for me and i’m so happy and grateful everyday for this story and the way my life is now. Did I lose people in the process because other people hate change? Yep. Am I thankful for that too? Of course. People will come and people will go, but guess who stays forever? YOU & you deserve to do whatever you want and go to sleep at night every single night knowing your life is yours and you’re going to have everything you ever wanted. β™₯️

STEPPING OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE is always going to launch you into exactly what you want, every single time.

Being HAPPY & YOU requires a version of yourself that doesn’t care about anyone elses opinion and unapologetically goes for whatever it is that makes them happiest!!!

Don’t you agree?

Let me know.




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